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Keskussulyans 2011 / Conference 2011

Yma’n Keskowethyans ow chanjya! / The Partnership is changing!

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BBC Cornwall | Cornwall
Bishop criticises funding cuts
Cuts in local authority spending are having "sinful consequences", the Bishop of Truro says.

Ship returns for Cornish exercise
The Royal Navy patrol vessel, HMS Dasher, will visit her twinned town in Cornwall for a short stay.

Interpreter fears after funding cuts
Cornwall's only centre for the deaf is concerned for its future after funding for interpreters is cut.

Walking in a poet's footsteps
Resident poet Kathryn Symonds describes six months spent in Launceston feeling like she was in "a dozen Charles Causley poems at once".

Flying the flag for county pride
As new county flags are registered, the BBC's Bethan Bell looks at the importance of flags to places like Cornwall.

Chick knit plea response 'fantastic'
Knitted chicks from Cornwall among thousands sent to a Manchester children's hospice after plea.

The level crossing wars
The battle over Britain's level crossings

AUDIO: Why Danny Mills bought all the pies
Former England star invests in a pasty company

Pirates boss will miss Bedford game
Cornish Pirates boss Ian Davies is to miss his side's game against Bedford as his wife is expecting a baby.

BBC News | UK | World Edition
Huge fire on Leeds industrial estate
A huge fire on an industrial estate in Leeds sends flames and a large plume of smoke up over the city.

Skin cancer rates 'surge since 70s'
The incidence of the most serious skin cancer is now five times higher than it was in the 1970s, figures show.

Hidden company owners to be revealed
Companies will be forced to declare their true owners on a public register in a move to tackle corruption, Business Secretary Vince Cable says.

PM's Christianity remarks 'divisive'
Leading public figures claim David Cameron risks causing division in society with his recent comments that the UK is a Christian country.

Teachers angry at online insults
Online social media is being misused to insult, intimidate and smear staff in schools, says a teachers' union.

Briton killed in Malaysia crash
A British man described as an "extremely capable young engineer" dies after a double-decker bus reportedly crashed into a ravine in the east of the country.

Flood defences mended for thousands
Flood defences and other protections are restored for more than 100,000 properties left at risk after this winter's severe weather.

Gibraltar fire hits online gambling
An explosion and fire on Gibraltar cuts power to much of the British territory and disrupts a number of online betting operations around the world.

Boycott call for early years tests
The NUT conference will hear calls for a boycott of assessment checks for four year olds.

Paolo Nutini sets 2014 sales record
Scottish singer-songwriter Paolo Nutini tops the charts with Caustic Love, which becomes the fastest-selling album of the year.

Bottle kicking 'attracts thousands'
A traditional "bottle kicking" event that involves a "ferocious" rugby scrum is expected to attract thousands to Leicestershire on Easter Monday.

Man arrested after woman found dead
A 36-year-old man is arrested in connection with the discovery of a woman's body in west Belfast.

US law firm to launch in Londonderry
A United States-based entertainment law company opens offices in Londonderry.

Crews tackle hundreds of grass fires
Fire crews have tackled at least 484 grass fires in Wales since the start of April, the latest figures show.

Crash victim was 'brilliant student'
The father of a 21-year-old Chinese woman killed in a car crash in Swansea says his daughter was a brilliant student whose death leaves behind a huge void.

Jobs market still growing, says bank
The job market continued to grow last month, although at a slower rate than the previous month, according to the Bank of Scotland.

Skin cancer rates 'soar' since 1970s
The advent of the package holiday and the fashion for tans has seen skin cancer rates soar in Scotland since the 1970s, according to a charity.

Four hurt in pub garden tree fall
Four people, including two children, are taken to hospital after a large tree falls in a pub beer garden in Greater Manchester.

Wilshaw takes charge of Trojan Horse
Ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw is to take personal charge of the watchdog's investigation into claims that a number of schools in Birmingham have been taken over by Muslim hardliners.

Norwich City 2-3 Liverpool
Liverpool open up a five-point lead at the top of the Premier League after a hard-fought 3-2 win over relegation-battling Norwich.

Carter sees off debutant Xiao
Ali Carter beats Xiao Guodong to reach the second round of the World Snooker Championship at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield.

Third race win a dream - Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton said it was a "dream" to have won three consecutive races with Mercedes this season.

Invented tradition and the religion of the ancients
A lot is known about the Indian election - the world's biggest exercise in democracy - but there are plenty of surprises on the campaign trail.

France's silent tea revolution
Tea-drinking is becoming ever more popular in France, although history shows that the beverage has long been taken on the continent.

Chlorine: From toxic chemical to household cleaner
Few chemicals are as familiar as table salt. The white crystals are the most common food seasoning in the world and an essential part of the human diet.

Quango chair resigns over bankruptcy
A businessman appointed by the prime minister to head a multibillion-pound quango steps down after it was revealed that he was bankrupt.

Archbishop highlights suffering
The Archbishop of Canterbury highlights the suffering of people in conflicts around the world during his Easter Sunday sermon.

Charities chief warns of extremism
Islamic extremism is the "most deadly" threat to charities in England and Wales, says William Shawcross, chairman of the Charity Commission.

VIDEO: House of Commons
The PM is challenged over his support for Maria Miller following a row over her expenses.

VIDEO: Archbishop highlights global suffering
The Archbishop of Canterbury has highlighted the suffering of people facing conflict around the world during his Easter sermon.

VIDEO: Hospital's special egg delivery
Young patients at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth have received a special delivery of Easter eggs - from a recently treated teenager.

VIDEO: Package holidays blamed for cancer rise
The most dangerous form of skin cancer is now five times more common than it was in the 1970s.

VIDEO: 'Luckily we couldn't see the lions'
A driver has been talking about the moment her car caught fire - while in the middle of the lion enclosure at Longleat Safari Park.

VIDEO: Baby prince meets a Bilby at the zoo
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge continued their royal tour of Australia with a tour of Taronga Zoo accompanied by their son Prince George.

VIDEO: Rural poverty aid 'reluctance'
The UK's largest operator of food banks, the Trussell Trust, revealed this week that it handed out nearly a million food parcels in the past year, but in rural Scotland there is reluctance amongst some people to seek help with poverty.

VIDEO: Call for garden centre hours change
The government has been urged to end restrictions that mean many garden centres in England and Wales are forced to close on Easter Sunday.

VIDEO: Archbishop holds outdoor baptisms
The Archbishop of York has baptised 16 people by immersing them in a large tank of water outside York Minster.

Did removing lead from petrol spark a decline in crime?
Did removing lead from petrol spark a decline in crime?

Essays: In Praise of the Midlands
Cotswolds, regional TV, and the Bull Ring - what makes one a Midlander?

Rare airing for Heller's Catch-22 staging
The story of Joseph Heller's 'forgotten' Catch-22 theatre script

What hours do teachers really work?
What hours do teachers really work?

Liverpool closer to Premier League heaven
Can Liverpool win their first league title for 24 years?

It's tough luck to lose to your team-mate
Lewis Hamilton builds edge in F1 championship

Smiling Queen and two takes on skin cancer - papers
Two newspapers' differing takes among Monday's front pages


Keskussulyans 2011 / Conference 2011

Lostwithiel     Cornish Language and Place Names

Meur ras dhe buponan a synsi rann y’n Keskusulyans MAGA hevleni – govenek a’m beus y vos dhe les dhywgh hwi ha hwi dh’y omlowenhe.

Yn arbennek, ni a wor gras dh’agan kowser Tony Scott Warren, neb a res areth meur dhe les a-dro dhe Jerriais, yeth Frynkek – Norman Jersey, hag a glerhas an ober gwrys lemmyn dh’y witha ha’y herdhya yn-rag. Yth esa lies tra yn y areth o hevel orth agan provyans yn Kernow ha pur lowen ov leverel my dhe wodhvos bos an jydh a les rag Tony ynwedh hag yma ev ow keskewsel lemmyn gans niver a dus a Gernow may hyllons kesranna aga thybyansow ha’ga sleyneth.

Moy es hemma, an jydh a viras orth an ober gwrys dres an vledhen eus passyes hag orth nebes a’n ragdresow usi ow tos. Da o gweles kemmys a dhyllansow nowyth yn stevel, y’ga mysk agan lyver nowyth agan honan – Porth 2 hag a veu lonchys an jydh na. Skrifer Will Coleman a lennas onan a’n hwedhlow, may hwrug Bardh Meur Mick Paynter ri performyans hegov avel Hanav gans niver a bodhogyon ynniys dhyworth an woslowysi.

An keskussulyans a vydh y’n kethsam pennseythen y’n vledhen a dheu, mes martesen framweyth an jydh ha’n le a wra chanjya. Meur ras dhe buponen a lenwis aga formow arbrisyans hag a wra gweres dhyn ow kul towlen keskussulyansow yn termyn a dheu.

Thank you to all of you who attended the MAGA conference this year – we hope you found it enjoyable and useful.

Particular thanks go to our speaker, Tony Scott Warren, for an interesting and illuminating talk about Jerriais, the Norman-French language of Jersey, and of the work done now to preserve and promote it. There were many parallels for Cornish speakers in his talk and I am delighted to say that I know that Tony also found the experience valuable and is now in contact with a number of people from Cornwall to look at some sharing of ideas and skills.

The rest of the day was devoted to a look at the work undertaken over the past year and at some of the up and coming projects. It was good to see so many new publications around the room and of course, our own Porth 2, which was launched during the day. Author Will Coleman read one of the stories in which the Grand Bard, Mick Paynter gave a memorable performance as Hanav, together with a number of other pressed volunteers from the audience!

We intend to retain the same weekend for next year’s conference, though the venue and format may change. Thank you to all those who filled in evaluation forms which will help to shape future conferences.


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