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BBC Cornwall | Cornwall
Councillor 'still a risk to children'
A Cornwall councillor continues to pose a "serious and enduring risk" to children, a review concludes.

Man jailed for widow's 2003 murder
A man with a fetish for older women is jailed for life for the murder of a pensioner in her home.

Calls to remove crime commissioner
There are calls for a Police and Crime Commissioner to be removed for proposing a rise in the police's share of council tax and then going on holiday for the meeting.

Police force could lose 800 staff
Nearly 800 jobs could be axed by Devon and Cornwall Police under plans being considered by senior officers.

Scooter fall man 'blinded by sun'
A 93-year-old man who drove his mobility scooter into a river in Cornwall had been blinded by the sun, he tells the BBC.

Blackpool Illuminations' £2m boost
Seaside towns are to get £36m of government money, with Tate St Ives earmarked to receive £3.8m.

River body 'wearing a nightdress'
A woman whose body was discovered in a river in Cornwall was aged in her 80s and wearing a nightdress and purple coat, police say.

England's lost theme parks
England's lost theme parks

Taking the hot air out of Parliament
Inventor takes hot air out of Parliament

Cornish Pirates sign prop Marlen
Cornish Pirates sign former New Zealand Schoolboys prop Marlen Walker from Weston-super-Mare on a short-term contract.

Redruth boss frustrated by errors
Head coach Steve Larkins says Redruth takes no consolation from collecting a bonus point in Saturday's defeat at Canterbury.

Truro have winning knack says Tully
Truro City boss Steve Tully says his side have the knack of winning games after beating Dorchester Town 2-1 to go fourth in the Southern Premier League.

Character pleases Launceston skipper
Captain Jamie Salter praises Launceston's character in the 17-17 draw with Dorking in National Two South on Saturday.

BBC News | UK | World Edition
Many asthma diagnoses 'may be wrong'
More than a million UK adults may be wrongly diagnosed as asthmatic and be receiving unnecessary medication as a result, an NHS watchdog warns.

Glitter sobs over child porn images
Gary Glitter breaks down in tears as he tries to explain to jurors why he had been in possession of child pornography images.

NHS 'crisis guidelines' spark row
Guidance issued to NHS hospitals in the West Midlands over when they can call "major incidents" sparks a political row between the Conservatives and Labour.

Murder negligence claim rejected
Relatives of a woman murdered by her boyfriend after a 999 delay are told they cannot sue police for negligence.

Litvinenko: Russians 'still wanted'
British police are still investigating the death of Alexander Litvinenko and want to speak to two Russians suspected of his murder, an inquiry hears.

Ambulance times 'worst on record'
New figures show the proportion of ambulances in Wales meeting the target response time for the most urgent calls are the worst on record.

Snow warnings upgraded to 'amber'
Amber "be prepared" warnings are issued by the Met Office for heavy snow showers across Scotland, Northern Ireland and the north of England.

TV camera plans for Scottish courts
Some court cases could be shown live on television, under proposals put forward by Scotland's judges.

Two in court over 1991 Payne murder
Two men appear in court charged with the murder of 18-year-old Nicola Payne, who went missing in Coventry in 1991.

Care calculator launched by BBC
The BBC has launched an online guide about how the care system for the over-65s works and how much services cost.

Paralysed man's family demand answers
The family of a man left paralysed after being arrested receive an apology from the police watchdog for the length of its investigation.

England drives global football deals
Football clubs spent a record £2.7bn in international transfers in 2014, with English football clubs accounting for £795m of the total.

Coupons 'help pregnant smokers quit'
Researchers say offering financial incentives worth £400 to pregnant smokers makes them more likely to quit the habit.

'Ethnic kinship' vote fraud warning
The Electoral Commission warns that a lack of campaigning by mainstream political parties in British Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities makes those areas vulnerable to fraud.

Selma star defends Benedict Cumberbatch
David Oyelowo, who plays Martin Luther King in Selma, says it's "ridiculous" to attack Benedict Cumberbatch for using the term "coloured" during an interview.

Pools emptied after 'plug' pulled
Two public swimming pools are accidentally emptied after a worker left a valve open while cleaning.

Shark bite suspected on killer whale
A shark is suspected of biting a chunk out of the tail fluke of a killer whale well-known to whale and dolphin watchers in Scotland.

Police warning to drivers over snow
Police advise motorists to take extra caution as snow begins to fall in some parts of Northern Ireland.

Concern over NI courts budget cuts
The Lord Chief Justice says he has "significant concerns" about budget cuts to the Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service (NICTS).

Couple charged with child cruelty
A couple are charged with child cruelty as part of a police investigation into the care system in north Wales.

Train bomb threat man is jailed
A man is jailed after saying he had a bomb and would blow up a train.

Figures reveal surveillance use
Scottish councils used covert surveillance on hundreds of occasions over the last three years, according to data obtained by BBC Scotland.

Record number of lifeboat rescues
Scotland's volunteer lifeboat crews rescued a record 1,175 people in 2014, according to new figures from the RNLI.

Husband's joy over 'lost' voicemail
A husband who thought he had lost a voicemail recording of his late wife's voice after keeping it for more than 10 years, says the retrieval of the message is "wonderful".

Missing woman's partner in court
The partner of a mother-of-four who has been missing for six days appears in court charged with her murder.

Mourinho fined for 'campaign' claim
Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho is fined £25,000 by the Football Association over comments about a "campaign" to influence referees.

Djokovic surges into semi-finals
Four-time champion Novak Djokovic beats Milos Raonic in straight sets to reach the Australian Open semi-finals.

Real's Bale rules out Man Utd move
Real Madrid forward Gareth Bale rules out a move to Manchester United, saying he is "happy" at the Bernabeu.

The village that just got its first fridge
About a quarter of homes in India have a fridge - for the first time a family in one village near Calcutta has installed one in their house.

The twins of Auschwitz
On the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp, survivors of experiments on twins recall their treatment at the hands of SS doctor Josef Mengele.

The woman who swapped home for a hut near Chechnya
When Devi Asmadiredja's husband told her to leave their German home, she found a new life in the remote mountains near Chechnya.

Cable aide quits over fracking vote
Lib Dem MP Tessa Munt resigns as a parliamentary aide to Business Secretary Vince Cable after voting against the government on fracking,

Cigarette packs 'opposition growing'
The government faces growing disquiet from some Conservative MPs over plans to introduce standardised cigarette packaging in England, opponents believe.

Poorest areas 'hit hardest by cuts'
Councils in the most deprived areas of England have seen the biggest cuts to their funding, a committee of MPs has said.

VIDEO: Treasury Committee
MPs hear evidence on the press briefing of Financial Conduct Authority information.

VIDEO: Women jihadists 'drawn in online'
The BBC's Frank Gardner speaks to a woman who works with the UK government to tackle the growing problem of women from western Europe going to join Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

VIDEO: Widower reunited with wife's voicemail
Stan Beaton hears a voicemail greeting from his wife, who died of cancer more than 10 years ago, which he thought had been deleted and lost forever.

VIDEO: Should Britain reintroduce beavers?
Claire Marshall looks at the impact beavers have on the environment, ahead of a decision on whether a family of beavers should be removed from a river in Devon.

VIDEO: Warning over asthma diagnosis
The National Institute for Clinical Excellence warns that more than a million adults in the UK may have been wrongly diagnosed with Asthma.

VIDEO: Lancashire fracking decision due
Graham Satchell has been following one woman's campaign against fracking in Lancashire.

VIDEO: Up close: Britain's longest train
A look at Britain's longest train, a ballast cleaner train, which is helping replace old ballast on rail tracks between Norwich and London.

VIDEO: 'Cash incentives stop pregnant smokers'
A trial in Glasgow suggests that pregnant women are more than twice as likely to give up smoking if given financial incentives.

VIDEO: Residents recall earthquake moments
Regulars at the South Wonston Social Club in Hampshire describe the moment when an earthquake struck.

‘We nearly dropped Churchill’s coffin’
How pallbearers almost dropped Churchill's coffin

Trying to prevent radicalisation with humour
Can this man stop young people becoming radicals?

How did stranded student survive?
Stranded student's survival techniques

In pictures: Post-War office buildings listed
Some of the striking buildings new to the National Heritage List

The perils of 'taboo' gifts
Which presents can cause offence?

Care in the UK: The costs you face
Use our calculator to find out the costs you may face

Miliband in the spotlight - papers
Miliband spotlight and 'nuclear terrorism' make headlines


Bewnans Gwyls Kernewek Kudh

Zennor     Wildlife

Hanow Kernewek re beu res dhe ragdres nowyth yn Pennwydh, restrys gans an Trest Kenedhlek.

An ragdres a dhalathas yn 2010 pan wrug gwithyas Trest Kenedhlek, Shaun Boynes, ervira gorra isframweyth yn nans gwydhek kudh ogas dhe Eglossenar, may hyll bagasow skol bos ena ha dyski a-dro dhe vewnans gwyls ha bewvaow naturek. Bagas dy’gol oberi a dhisplegyas an tyller yn mis Meurth hevleni, gans fondyans dhyworth Keskowethyansow Gwithysi Gemeneth, ow trehevel stevel dhyski yn-mes, kelyow helyk bew, poll rag nadres-margh, kistyow rag ydhyn gans kamaras ynna, ha hedhas gwell dhe’n tyller.

“An tybyans yw rag flehes dhe vysytya ha dyski meur a-dro dhe vewnans gwyls, keffrys hag omlowenhe ha gul gwariow,” yn medh Shaun. “Ni a wra dyskansow a-dro dhe sleynethow treusvewnans, art gwydhek, kampyans gwyls ha hwithransow a ydhyn, tykkiow-Duw, skavellow-kronek ha’n avon.”

An Kowethas Trest Kenedhlek Pennwydh a ros arhans rag kamaras yn kistyow ydhyn hag eseli an Kowethas a brofyas henwyn rag an ragdres. Alison Bushrod a brofyas hanow yn Kernewek, ‘Bewnans Gwyls Kernewek Kudh’, ha’n hanow na o dewisys. Yma’n hanow kervys yn arwodh gwrys a dherow orth an tyller.

A Cornish name has been given to a new project in Penwith that is being run by the National Trust.

The project began in 2010 when National Trust Ranger, Shaun Boynes decided to put infrastructure into a hidden wooded valley near Zennor so that school groups could visit and learn about wildlife and the importance of different habitats. A working holiday group developed the site in March of this year, with funding from the Guardianship Community Partnerships, creating an outdoor classroom and living willow hides, introducing a pond for dragonflies, setting up bird boxes with cameras inside and improving access to the site.

“The idea is that the children can visit and learn a lot about wildlife but can also have fun and games,” said Shaun. “We are going to do lessons on survival skills, woodland art, wild camping and surveys of birds, butterflies, fungi and the river.”

The Penwith National Trust Association donated money to pay for the bird box cameras, and members of the Association were also asked to suggest names for the project. Alison Bushrod’s Cornish suggestion of ‘Bewnans Gwyls Kernewek Kudh’ (Hidden Cornish Wildlife) was chosen, and the title has been carved into an oak plaque which is on display at the site.


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