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BBC Cornwall | Cornwall
House blast 'treated as suspicious'
The cause of an explosion which nearly ripped apart a house in Cornwall is being treated as suspicious by police.

Talks resume after rail strike
Talks between union officials and company bosses resume following a three-day strike by First Great Western staff.

Alton Towers founder buys theme park
Alton Towers founder John Broome intends to turn a Cornwall theme park into a "premier European resort."

Pottery fire causes major disruption
A fire at a pottery studio causes major disruption in a Cornish town as 40 firefighters tackle the blaze.

'Surf tax' to boost council revenue
A plan to introduce a 'surf tax' for watersports schools to increase council income sparks opposition.

Council fights to end BT contract
Cornwall Council is in a court battle to end a £260m contract with BT which it says has failed to meet targets.

Woman 'teleported' inside toilet
A woman who was using a portable toilet was carried across a festival site when it is picked up by a forklift truck, organisers say.

Charities 'sold 87-year-old's details'
The Information Commissioner's Office is investigating claims that a Cornish man's personal details were sold or passed on by charities up to 200 times.

Seal watchers stuck on rocks for hours
A couple watching seals for a birthday treat are stranded on rocks for three hours.

Arrest in steam railway knife robbery
A man is arrested in connection with a knifepoint robbery at a steam railway booking office.

NHS funds spent on 'patient treats'
Thousands of pounds of NHS personal health budgets are being spent on "treats" across the country, including in Cornwall where £2,080 was spent on aromatherapy, £248 on horse riding and £7 on hiring pedalos, an investigation finds.

Man, 79, abandons water-ski record bid
A 79-year-old daredevil is forced to abandon his bid to become the oldest person to water-ski across the English Channel.

Secret WWII watchtower for sale
A former aircraft watch tower at one of the RAF's most secret World War Two bases is put up for sale.

VIDEO: Did Cornish pasties originate in London?
A food writer from Yorkshire has claimed that Cornish pasties aren't really from Cornwall at all

VIDEO: 'A room full of junk and thousands in debt'
The son of a man who ended up in debt says charities have moved from being "something you can put your trust in"

Tully concerned after heavy loss
Manager Steve Tully says the manner of Truro's 6-0 defeat by Oxford City in the National League South is a "worry".

Cornish Pirates target play-off spot
Cornish Pirates coach Gavin Cattle says improved home form could see his side reach the Championship play-offs.

Truro thrashed 6-0 by Oxford City
Truro City suffer their heaviest defeat since November 2013 as they lose 6-0 at home to Oxford City.

BBC News | UK | World Edition
We'll fulfil moral obligations - PM
David Cameron says the UK will fulfil its "moral responsibilities" as pressure mounts to take in more people fleeing to Europe.

New badger culls 'now under way'
Badger culls in Dorset, Somerset and Gloucestershire have begun, the government confirms.

Whooping cough jab plea to mums-to-be
Pregnant women should ensure they have the whooping cough vaccine to protect their babies, Public Health England is urging.

UK reporters freed from Turkish jail
Two Vice News British journalists arrested in Turkey on terror charges are being released from prison, but their translator remains in custody.

Drug deaths reach record levels
More than 3,300 people died from drug poisoning in 2014 in England and Wales, the highest figure since modern records began, the Office for National Statistics says.

Council to 'ban staff smoking breaks'
Smoking breaks could be banned for thousands of council employees under new proposals, it emerges.

Police call centre closures delayed
The Scottish government says plans to close regional police call centres are to be delayed in the wake of delays in investigating a fatal crash on the M9.

Nissan invests £100m in UK plant
Japanese carmaker Nissan announces it will invest £100m in its UK plant at Sunderland to build the new Juke model.

'Thousands' of Nama advisor calls taped
A businessman tells a Stormont inquiry he has tapes that show an "ingrained culture of inappropriate and possibly illegal conduct" across the political, banking, legal and accountancy sectors.

Thames drowning death 'accidental'
A teenage boy drowned in the River Thames after his friends thought his distress was part of a game they were playing, an inquest hears.

Beheaded murder case 'devastating'
The death of a woman understood to have been found beheaded in a house has "devastated the close-knit community", a neighbour says.

Paul Clark charged over Rangers sale
A fourth man appears in court over the alleged fraudulent acquisition of Rangers' assets in 2012.

Tarantula-in-post shock for homeowner
A man from Bristol is shocked to discover a "semi-aggressive" South American tarantula in a parcel sent to his new home.

Unlucky racing pigeon rescued at sea
An unlucky racing pigeon twice attacked by hawks is rescued at sea by a paddleboarder.

Cross-party talks to begin next week
Downing Street confirms that "urgent, intensive and focused cross-party talks" will begin next week in Belfast in an attempt to resolve the crisis at the assembly.

Air ambulance service to be set up
Health Minister Simon Hamilton says he is committed to establishing an emergency medical helicopter service in Northern Ireland.

Lightning strike deaths 'very rare'
Two walkers died after being struck by lightning in the Brecon Beacons during "exceptional weather conditions", a coroner rules.

Woman filmed in council HQ showers
A Flintshire council worker films a female colleague taking showers for more than two years at the county's HQ.

Sturgeon tears for drowned migrant boy
Nicola Sturgeon says she was reduced to tears by photos of a dead Syrian boy washed up on a Turkish beach.

Gore-Tex manufacturer to shed 120 jobs
Up to 120 jobs could be lost at fabrics manufacturer WL Gore's plant in Livingston, West Lothian.

Girl, 6, bitten by police dog
A six-year-old girl was bitten by a police dog while officers were chasing a suspect, Greater Manchester Police says.

Alton Towers founder buys theme park
Alton Towers founder John Broome intends to turn a Cornwall theme park into a "premier European resort."

Judge overturns Tom Brady suspension
A US judge has overturned a four-game suspension against National Football League (NFL) quarterback Tom Brady, calling the league's disciplinary process "fundamentally unfair".

Drivers open to closed cockpits
After a series of fatal incidents Formula 1 drivers have admitted they are open to the idea of closed cockpits.

Arsenal's Welbeck out until Christmas
Arsenal and England striker Danny Welbeck is expected to be out until Christmas after having knee surgery.

Cameron 'to be invited to address MEPs'
Prime Minister David Cameron is set to be invited to address the European Parliament about British renegotiation of its EU membership.

Alcohol price plans face further delay
Plans to introduce minimum unit pricing for alcohol in Scotland face further delay, following an initial ruling by Europe's highest court.

Northern Powerhouse funding call
Large-scale government capital spending of up to £50bn is needed to close the economic gap between the North and the South, a think tank believes.

VIDEO: Health Committee
The Health Committee heard from key figures in NHS England.

VIDEO: Blind climber conquers Swiss Eiger
A partially-sighted Shropshire man with less than 5% vision has successfully ascended the Eiger's west flank.

VIDEO: Boy 'humiliated' over naked selfie
A teenager who sent a naked photo of himself to a girl at school has been added to a police database for making and distributing indecent images.

VIDEO: Londongrad: TV show on expat Russians
The first Russian television series filmed almost entirely on location in London is about to air on the Russian commercial station STS.

VIDEO: Naked rambler: To me, it makes sense
Stephen Gough, a former Royal Marine who is better know as the naked rambler, explains his views to the BBC's Clive Coleman.

VIDEO: Footloose policewoman wows crowds
A clip of a policewoman who danced along to Footloose at a festival has gone viral.

VIDEO: The Tube train that's now an office
BBC News looks at a refurbished Tube train in London, which has become an unlikely office space for a group of workers.

VIDEO: How to play the role of Danny Baker
Cradle to Grave is a new BBC drama that depicts the life of writer and broadcaster Danny Baker, adapted from his autobiography.

VIDEO: Radicals: The man with no passport
Abdul Muhid was arrested in September on suspicion of membership of a proscribed organisation - he says the police are trying to control him using bail conditions.

The village that is cut off from the UK
The village that is cut off from the UK

Witnessing Japan's surrender in China
My uncle's part in Japan's surrender to war-ravaged China

Naked Rambler 'to continue protest'
Rambler Stephen Gough vows to continue his protest

How Germany abolished tuition fees
How was Germany able to abolish student tuition fees?

The entrepreneurs who are never home
The business owners who spend all their time on the road

Wales soars but The Crow flounders
Demand for Welsh studios is soaring - despite a remake of The Crow so-far failing to fly

Why has Google changed its typeface?
Why would Google change its typeface?


Bewnans Gwyls Kernewek Kudh

Zennor     Wildlife

Hanow Kernewek re beu res dhe ragdres nowyth yn Pennwydh, restrys gans an Trest Kenedhlek.

An ragdres a dhalathas yn 2010 pan wrug gwithyas Trest Kenedhlek, Shaun Boynes, ervira gorra isframweyth yn nans gwydhek kudh ogas dhe Eglossenar, may hyll bagasow skol bos ena ha dyski a-dro dhe vewnans gwyls ha bewvaow naturek. Bagas dy’gol oberi a dhisplegyas an tyller yn mis Meurth hevleni, gans fondyans dhyworth Keskowethyansow Gwithysi Gemeneth, ow trehevel stevel dhyski yn-mes, kelyow helyk bew, poll rag nadres-margh, kistyow rag ydhyn gans kamaras ynna, ha hedhas gwell dhe’n tyller.

“An tybyans yw rag flehes dhe vysytya ha dyski meur a-dro dhe vewnans gwyls, keffrys hag omlowenhe ha gul gwariow,” yn medh Shaun. “Ni a wra dyskansow a-dro dhe sleynethow treusvewnans, art gwydhek, kampyans gwyls ha hwithransow a ydhyn, tykkiow-Duw, skavellow-kronek ha’n avon.”

An Kowethas Trest Kenedhlek Pennwydh a ros arhans rag kamaras yn kistyow ydhyn hag eseli an Kowethas a brofyas henwyn rag an ragdres. Alison Bushrod a brofyas hanow yn Kernewek, ‘Bewnans Gwyls Kernewek Kudh’, ha’n hanow na o dewisys. Yma’n hanow kervys yn arwodh gwrys a dherow orth an tyller.

A Cornish name has been given to a new project in Penwith that is being run by the National Trust.

The project began in 2010 when National Trust Ranger, Shaun Boynes decided to put infrastructure into a hidden wooded valley near Zennor so that school groups could visit and learn about wildlife and the importance of different habitats. A working holiday group developed the site in March of this year, with funding from the Guardianship Community Partnerships, creating an outdoor classroom and living willow hides, introducing a pond for dragonflies, setting up bird boxes with cameras inside and improving access to the site.

“The idea is that the children can visit and learn a lot about wildlife but can also have fun and games,” said Shaun. “We are going to do lessons on survival skills, woodland art, wild camping and surveys of birds, butterflies, fungi and the river.”

The Penwith National Trust Association donated money to pay for the bird box cameras, and members of the Association were also asked to suggest names for the project. Alison Bushrod’s Cornish suggestion of ‘Bewnans Gwyls Kernewek Kudh’ (Hidden Cornish Wildlife) was chosen, and the title has been carved into an oak plaque which is on display at the site.


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