Bewnans Gwyls Kernewek Kudh

Zennor     Wildlife

Hanow Kernewek re beu res dhe ragdres nowyth yn Pennwydh, restrys gans an Trest Kenedhlek.

An ragdres a dhalathas yn 2010 pan wrug gwithyas Trest Kenedhlek, Shaun Boynes, ervira gorra isframweyth yn nans gwydhek kudh ogas dhe Eglossenar, may hyll bagasow skol bos ena ha dyski a-dro dhe vewnans gwyls ha bewvaow naturek. Bagas dy’gol oberi a dhisplegyas an tyller yn mis Meurth hevleni, gans fondyans dhyworth Keskowethyansow Gwithysi Gemeneth, ow trehevel stevel dhyski yn-mes, kelyow helyk bew, poll rag nadres-margh, kistyow rag ydhyn gans kamaras ynna, ha hedhas gwell dhe’n tyller.

“An tybyans yw rag flehes dhe vysytya ha dyski meur a-dro dhe vewnans gwyls, keffrys hag omlowenhe ha gul gwariow,” yn medh Shaun. “Ni a wra dyskansow a-dro dhe sleynethow treusvewnans, art gwydhek, kampyans gwyls ha hwithransow a ydhyn, tykkiow-Duw, skavellow-kronek ha’n avon.”

An Kowethas Trest Kenedhlek Pennwydh a ros arhans rag kamaras yn kistyow ydhyn hag eseli an Kowethas a brofyas henwyn rag an ragdres. Alison Bushrod a brofyas hanow yn Kernewek, ‘Bewnans Gwyls Kernewek Kudh’, ha’n hanow na o dewisys. Yma’n hanow kervys yn arwodh gwrys a dherow orth an tyller.

A Cornish name has been given to a new project in Penwith that is being run by the National Trust.

The project began in 2010 when National Trust Ranger, Shaun Boynes decided to put infrastructure into a hidden wooded valley near Zennor so that school groups could visit and learn about wildlife and the importance of different habitats. A working holiday group developed the site in March of this year, with funding from the Guardianship Community Partnerships, creating an outdoor classroom and living willow hides, introducing a pond for dragonflies, setting up bird boxes with cameras inside and improving access to the site.

“The idea is that the children can visit and learn a lot about wildlife but can also have fun and games,” said Shaun. “We are going to do lessons on survival skills, woodland art, wild camping and surveys of birds, butterflies, fungi and the river.”

The Penwith National Trust Association donated money to pay for the bird box cameras, and members of the Association were also asked to suggest names for the project. Alison Bushrod’s Cornish suggestion of ‘Bewnans Gwyls Kernewek Kudh’ (Hidden Cornish Wildlife) was chosen, and the title has been carved into an oak plaque which is on display at the site.


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