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BBC Cornwall | Cornwall
Aircraft crashes at Royal Navy event
An aircraft crashes on to the runway at the Royal Navy Culdrose Air Day in Cornwall.

Culdrose Air Day reaches for the sky
Thousands of people have turned out to the annual Air Day at RNAS Culdrose, the only day of the year the Cornish navy base is open to the public.

Cornwall health system 'high risk'
Cornwall's health system is labelled "high risk" by a group of bodies which oversee the NHS.

Plans for Launceston homes unveiled
Plans to build 129 new homes in Launceston are unveiled at a public exhibition.

Mobile libraries cut to one van
Cuts to much of Cornwall's mobile library service get the go-ahead by senior councillors, with just one van to remain and stops cut from about 600 to 200.

Pre-WW1 sailing log found at club
Yacht club members try to find out how a log book detailing a sailing from Essex to Germany days before WW1 ended up in Falmouth.

'Wobbly' shed incurs planners' wrath
Anonymous emails fly as planners say a "wibbly-wobbly" shed has adverse impact on area of outstanding natural beauty.

Fast food chains with poor hygiene
Cornish pasty firm 'has perfect hygiene'

Eucharist celebrated in Cornish
Eucharist celebrated in Cornish

Tully happy with Truro competition
Truro boss Steve Tully is pleased with the strength of his squad as they prepare for their final two pre-season games.

Cornish Pirates bring in four more
Cornish Pirates sign four more young players as they bolster their squad for the 2014-15 Championship season.

BBC News | UK | World Edition
Tory disquiet over Israel action
Conservative MPs put pressure on David Cameron to take a more robust stance with Israel over its actions in Gaza.

'Concern' over one in five prisons
The performance of more than a fifth of prisons in England and Wales is "of concern", a government body says.

Weir powers to Commonwealth gold
England's David Weir puts in a majestic display to win his first Commonwealth Games title in the men's T54 1500m.

Power station fire damages tower
A large fire breaks out at Ferrybridge C power station in West Yorkshire, causing the partial collapse of a tower.

UK border staff 'not ready' for Ebola
Immigration and customs staff feel unprepared to deal with people arriving in the UK with suspected cases of the Ebola virus, a union leader warns.

Gatwick staff to help with baggage
Gatwick Airport will bring in up to 45 of its own staff to help with luggage handling to ensure there is no repeat of last weekend's delays.

Aircraft crashes at Royal Navy event
Aircraft crashes on to the runway at the Royal Navy Culdrose Air Day.

Council staff to strike in October
Council workers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will strike on 14 October in an ongoing pay dispute.

Guards axed over Usain Bolt 'selfie'
Three security guards are removed from duties at the Commonwealth Games after reports they took "selfie" photographs with sprinter Usain Bolt.

'Hillsborough lie' denied by PC
A former PC who was working in the stadium control box denies he was a witness to the start of the "Hillsborough lie".

Woman denies hiding cash in underwear
A student accused of trying to smuggle money to fighters in Syria denies allegations she hid 20,000 euros (£16,000) in her underwear.

Costly rural parcel charges tackled
The UK government unveils new principles aimed at tackling "ridiculous" delivery charges faced by shoppers living in remote areas.

Man arrested in Syria terror inquiry
A 23-year-old man is arrested in west London - and later bailed - on suspicion of raising money for terrorism in Syria.

Firefighters to strike over eight days
Firefighters in England and Wales are to stage a new series of strikes over eight days from 9 August in a row over conditions.

Savile estate cash 'to fund lawyers'
A charity set up by Jimmy Savile warns a compensation scheme for the sex attacker's victims may result in millions being paid in fees to lawyers.

Woman admits Syria terror web posts
A woman admits inciting terrorism in Syria by posting a picture of a suicide vest and messaging details of a route into the country on Facebook.

City of Culture boss appointed
The man behind the London 2012 Olympic ceremonies is chosen to deliver Hull's City of Culture programme in 2017.

Invictus Games a struggle, says Harry
Prince Harry says organising a Paralympic-style sporting competition for injured members of the armed forces has been a "real struggle".

Executive backs £78m cuts to budget
Stormont departments, excluding health and education, are to have their budgets cut by £78m as the executive agrees to endorse the June monitoring round.

Woman left children alone for days
A woman living in Belfast who abandoned her three children at home overnight with no food is given a suspended six-month jail sentence.

Man jailed after door banging death
A hammer-wielding drug addict is jailed after a woman suffered a heart attack and died when she was terrorised in her own home.

400 jobs saved in oil refinery sale
A sale is agreed on the closure-threatened Murco oil refinery in Milford Haven, safeguarding 400 jobs.

Child wins silver in 400m hurdles
Scotland's Eilidh Child wins silver in 55.02 seconds in the 400m hurdles final at the Commonwealth Games.

Weightlifter attack on Welsh athlete
An Australian weightlifter admits assaulting a member of the Welsh team at the Commonwealth Games.

'Toilet phone' teacher gets life ban
A teacher is banned from the profession for life for setting his mobile phone to record in a Northampton secondary school's toilets.

Lorry smashes through front gardens
A lorry crashes through a wall and into several gardens in Staffordshire.

England win to level India series
England wrap up a 266-run victory over India in the third Test at Southampton to level the series at 1-1.

Glazers in £88.7m Man Utd share sale
Manchester United's US owners will pocket about $150 million by selling more of their shares in the club on the New York Stock Exchange.

Everton complete Lukaku signing
Everton sign Belgian World Cup striker Romelu Lukaku from Chelsea for a club record fee of £28m.

American Vogue's first black cover girl
Beverly Johnson was told she would never be on the cover of Vogue - but she made history when she became the first black model to do just that.

How many men are paedophiles?
The Pope was reported to have said that about 2% of Catholic clergy are paedophiles - but how does this compare to society as a whole?

The pre-nup that can end a happy marriage
In parts of Yemen when a brother and sister from one family marry siblings from another, the couples' fates can be locked together regardless of how happy they are.

Nato 'unprepared for Russia threat'
Nato is poorly prepared for an attack on a member state by Russia, a group of MPs warns in a report.

Minister wants end to animal testing
Norman Baker - the minister in charge of regulating animal experiments - tells the BBC he wants them to end.

Academy trustee is new Ofsted chief
David Hoare, a trustee of a struggling academies chain, is announced by the government as the new chairman of schools regulator Ofsted.

VIDEO: House of Commons
Israel's response to rocket attacks must be "proportionate", insists a minister.

VIDEO: More handlers to tackle Gatwick bags
Gatwick Airport is bringing in extra staff of its own to handle baggage following chaotic scenes last weekend, when passengers were left waiting for up to three hours for luggage.

VIDEO: Harry wants to get wounded working
The first ever Invictus Games, a series of para-sport events for wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women, begin in September.

VIDEO: What was in WW1 British soldier's kit?
Military historian Andy Robertshaw talks through the uniform worn by soldiers in the British Expeditionary Force at the start of World War One.

VIDEO: Is it a 'good' summer for insect bites?
An increasing number of people are falling prey to creatures like ticks, horseflies, midges and mosquitoes as warm, wet weather creates perfect breeding conditions for insects.

VIDEO: Modern slavery targeted in campaign
The government is launching the first nationwide campaign aimed at raising awareness of modern slavery in the UK.

VIDEO: Glasgow 2014 items for auction
The props, costumes and souvenirs from the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony are being auctioned off.

VIDEO: The rise and rise of video blogs
Members of the 'millennial generation' are finding ways to earn a living from skills they learned not at school, but on social media.

VIDEO: Tags for alcohol-related offenders
Repeat offenders convicted of alcohol-related crimes will be forced to wear ankle tags that monitor their drinking, under a new pilot scheme.

On the march with the Clydesider army
The volunteers keeping Glasgow's Games running smoothly

Is show season making a comeback?
Why are country shows making a comeback?

The very public NHS privatisation debate
Is privatisation of the NHS in England on the agenda?

What happens to burned piers?
What happens next when fire destroys a popular seaside pier?

Unlikely link in Milltown Cemetery
Graves of an unlikely father and son discovered in Belfast

Sir Bobby's legacy five years on
Sir Bobby Robson's legacy five years on

After Blue Monday, seize Thursday
Is this the day to set yourself a new challenge?

'Tax cuts' and pier fears - front pages
Speculation over the 40p rate on front pages


Bewnans Gwyls Kernewek Kudh

Zennor     Wildlife

Hanow Kernewek re beu res dhe ragdres nowyth yn Pennwydh, restrys gans an Trest Kenedhlek.

An ragdres a dhalathas yn 2010 pan wrug gwithyas Trest Kenedhlek, Shaun Boynes, ervira gorra isframweyth yn nans gwydhek kudh ogas dhe Eglossenar, may hyll bagasow skol bos ena ha dyski a-dro dhe vewnans gwyls ha bewvaow naturek. Bagas dy’gol oberi a dhisplegyas an tyller yn mis Meurth hevleni, gans fondyans dhyworth Keskowethyansow Gwithysi Gemeneth, ow trehevel stevel dhyski yn-mes, kelyow helyk bew, poll rag nadres-margh, kistyow rag ydhyn gans kamaras ynna, ha hedhas gwell dhe’n tyller.

“An tybyans yw rag flehes dhe vysytya ha dyski meur a-dro dhe vewnans gwyls, keffrys hag omlowenhe ha gul gwariow,” yn medh Shaun. “Ni a wra dyskansow a-dro dhe sleynethow treusvewnans, art gwydhek, kampyans gwyls ha hwithransow a ydhyn, tykkiow-Duw, skavellow-kronek ha’n avon.”

An Kowethas Trest Kenedhlek Pennwydh a ros arhans rag kamaras yn kistyow ydhyn hag eseli an Kowethas a brofyas henwyn rag an ragdres. Alison Bushrod a brofyas hanow yn Kernewek, ‘Bewnans Gwyls Kernewek Kudh’, ha’n hanow na o dewisys. Yma’n hanow kervys yn arwodh gwrys a dherow orth an tyller.

A Cornish name has been given to a new project in Penwith that is being run by the National Trust.

The project began in 2010 when National Trust Ranger, Shaun Boynes decided to put infrastructure into a hidden wooded valley near Zennor so that school groups could visit and learn about wildlife and the importance of different habitats. A working holiday group developed the site in March of this year, with funding from the Guardianship Community Partnerships, creating an outdoor classroom and living willow hides, introducing a pond for dragonflies, setting up bird boxes with cameras inside and improving access to the site.

“The idea is that the children can visit and learn a lot about wildlife but can also have fun and games,” said Shaun. “We are going to do lessons on survival skills, woodland art, wild camping and surveys of birds, butterflies, fungi and the river.”

The Penwith National Trust Association donated money to pay for the bird box cameras, and members of the Association were also asked to suggest names for the project. Alison Bushrod’s Cornish suggestion of ‘Bewnans Gwyls Kernewek Kudh’ (Hidden Cornish Wildlife) was chosen, and the title has been carved into an oak plaque which is on display at the site.


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