Major UK Mountain Bike Event to be held in Cornwall

For the first time ever, the National 'Mud and Sweat' adventure orienteering race is to be held in Cornwall on Sunday June 6th.

The event which is open to all ages and abilities, from beginners to pro-riders, will see participants from all over the UK racing around the Mineral Tramways trail network, visiting as many pre-laid electronic checkpoints as quickly as possible, to gain the highest point score in the competition.

In what is widely hoped to be the first of many such events in the South West, National MTB event organisers 'Mud and Sweat' have teamed up with Portreath based Mountain Bike specialists at The Bike Barn, to host a weekend of camping, adventure racing, and local food and drinks.

Participants are invited to camp at Elm Farm on the Saturday 5th before the event, sample Skinner's specially brewed 'Coast-to-Coast Trail Ale', exotic 'foodie' pasties such as venison and wild boar and apple, and prepare for the big day ahead.

Teams then register from 9.30am, where they receive their electronic 'dibber' and maps with checkpoints they have to try and find. The cross-country event which usually attracts well over two hundred riders nationwide then begins from The Bike Barn at Elm Farm near Portreath.

There will be prizes for the winners of each of the five categories, along with some spot prizes for the muddiest and sweatiest participants!

Participants will be entitled to FREE Camping at the Bike Barn's Elm Farm Campsite the night before, FREE pre and post event bike checks from a Bike Barn CYTECH technicians, FREE Police security bike marking, FREE Lapierre and Cube Demo' Bike Tests and a FREE Sample of Skinner’s Coast To Coast Trail Ale or Cider.

Individuals and teams wishing to participate should contact or visit The Bike Barn, Cambrose Portreath; 01209 891498 /

Date: Sunday 6th June 2010
Location: Coast-to-Coast Trail / Mineral Tramways, Portreath Area in Cornwall (Start and Finish at The Bike Barn).


The objective of the event is to visit as many checkpoints as possible within a specified time, in order to maximise your score.

Each Solo or Pair or Family will be given a pre-marked waterproof map with the locations of all the checkpoints on. Each checkpoint has a value. These are listed on the reverse of your map, along with the checkpoint descriptions. The checkpoint descriptions describe what can be found in the centre of the red circle, and are where you will find the checkpoint itself.

It is up to you how many checkpoints you visit. You may visit as many checkpoints as you like within the time limit, and the checkpoints can be visited in any order. You may only visit each checkpoint once.

This format gives you maximum flexibility. You can play to your strengths and choose your own route and distance to cover in the time limit. You can plan how many checkpoints you can visit, and adjust this as you go along. Beware however, there are time penalties for every minute you are late back to the finish outside of your time – these are outlined on the back of your map.

Mud and Sweat utilise an Electronic Scoring System called ‘Sportident’. Each participant is given an electronic ‘Dibber’, which is attached by a band to their wrist. This Dibber must be inserted into the Electronic Box at each checkpoint you visit. This enables quick and simple recording of your visits to each checkpoint and your overall time and score. It’s operation will be explained in greater depth at registration. Participants who lose or break their ‘Dibber’ will be charged £30.

Please note, Family groups will only be allocated 1 ‘Dibber’ between them.

Some areas on your map may be marked Out of Bounds (OOB), including busy roads – these areas will be highlighted. There is a penalty of 100 points for any Participant found in an OOB area.

If you are competing as a pair or as a family group, you must stay together throughout the event, this means within 15m of each other at all times.

Entry Categories and Prices:
Participants can enter each event as a Solo (Individual), as a Pair or as a Family Group.. If you are entering as a Solo or Pair, you then have the option of entering the Short Score or Long Score. The only difference between Short and Long is the time you have available to visit as many checkpoints as possible, with Short Score having 2 hours, and Long Score having 3.5 hours. Please note - Pairs and Family Groups must stay together during the event and may not split up!

For entry information

We are offering substantial discounts for pre-entering more than 1 of the Summer 'Sweat' Events. For pre-entering 2 events, you could save yourself 10% and for pre-entering all 3 events, you could save yourself a whopping 15%!

Those competing as a Pair or as a Family may purchase an extra map if they wish, at an additional cost of £2.50.

For the Short and Long Score categories, all participants must be over the age of 16. 16 and 17 year olds will be permitted to enter, so long as they compete as a Pair with an accompanying adult over the age of 18. Under 16’s may enter the Family category, so long as they compete with an accompanying adult over the age of 18. Family groups will be charged £15 total, no matter how many people are in their family group. Each family group will only be allocated 1 map and 1 ‘Dibber’ – more maps can be purchased or dibbers hired if required. Please note, that for this event – the Family time has been extended to 2 hours.

There will be prizes for the winners of each of the five categories, along with some spot prizes for the muddiest and sweatiest participants!

Please note, we will be unable to provide refunds on entry payments in the event of dropping out of the event.

Timings of the Event:
Registration is open from 9.30am until 2.15pm – please allow at least 15 minutes to register and receive your ‘Dibber’ and final instructions before making your way to the start.

Start Times are between 10am and 1pm for Long Score, 10am and 2.30pm for Short Score and 10am and 2.30pm for Families. Solo’s, Pairs and Families may start at any time between their allocated times.

Courses close at 4.45pm. Prize Giving and Results will be at 5pm – or sooner if everyone has finished! Winners who are not present at the prize giving will be forwarded their prizes.
How to enter:
Please download and print the entry form. This will need to be completed and sent to Way Ahead with a cheque for the correct amount by the 3rd June. Entry on the day is possible, but it will cost an extra £2 per person (or family) – see Entry On Day Prices.

It is also possible to enter online by using PayPal through the website (please note there is an additional cost of £1.50 for 1 event, £2.25 for 2 events or £3 for 3 events to cover administration costs), you will still need to complete an entry form which can be emailed to us at or bought with you to the event. You can also pay by BACS Transfer (Bank – at no additional cost) – please email us if you wish to pay this way.

After we have received your entry form, you will be sent an email confirmation, which will also include any last minute details about the event.

What your entry includes:
Waterproof Map with Pre-Marked Checkpoints
Use of Electronic Scoring Dibber
Permissions and Access for the Area
Event Public Liability Insurance
First Aid Cover
What you need to bring:
A well-maintained mountain bike
A bike helmet (the wearing of a helmet is compulsory)
A compass (note the use of GPS is discouraged)
A small first aid kit (including any personal medication and a whistle)
A mobile phone
Bike repair kit (including pump, puncture repair and spare inner tube as a minimum)
We also recommend the following:
A platypus or similar hydration system
A bike map holder
A permanent marker pen
Waterproof or windproof layers
Bike computer (to help measure distance covered)

Other Information:
Start and Finish (Parking), The Bike Barn near Cambrose – To reach The Bike Barn by road, from the A30, take the Redruth Exit and follow the signs towards Treasure Park/Tolgus Tin. Once past Treasure Park, take the next right signposted to Porthtowan. Continue past a sign saying Cambrose and then look out for The Bike Barn signs. The postcode of The Bike Barn is TR16 5UF.

There is free parking at The Bike Barn, along with a Bike Shop, Bike Hire, Servicing Centre, Cafe and Toilets.

The Bike Barn are offering lots of benefits to Mud and Sweat Participants including FREE Camping at their Campsite ‘Elm Farm Campsite’ the night before, FREE pre and post event bike checks from one of their bike technicians, FREE Police security bike marking, FREE Lapierre and Cube Demo’s Bike Tests and a FREE Sample of Skinner’s Coast To Coast Trail Ale or Cider.

The next events in the Summer ‘Sweat’ Series will be (Venues TBC):
Saturday 7th August 2010 – Devon
Sunday 3rd October 2010 – Somerset


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