Sewena Apposyansow/Exam Success

Cornish Language and Place Names

Sewena Apposyansow

Keslowenhe a wren ni y’n mis ma pubonan re sewenis y’ga apposyansow yn Kernewek.
66 ombrofyer a sewenis yn apposyansow Kesva an Taves dres peswar gradh. Y’ga mysk, 20 ombrofyer a gavas an Kynsa Gradh, 17 anedha gans bri; 16 a wrug seweni y’n Nessa Gradh, 9 anedha gans bri; 22 a waynyas an Tressa Gradh, 10 anedha gans bri ha dres oll res yw dhyn keslowenhe an eth ombrofyer neb a gemeras an Peswora Gradh ha seweni, 6 anedha gans bri.
Ynwedh, 7 ombrofyer a gemeras apposyans ‘Breakthrough’ yn-dann Yethow Asset. Hemm yw apposyans
Bolingey Troyl Band orth An Orient Bolingey Troyl Band at Lorient
nowyth, ygor orth skolyow, koljiow hag orth ombrofyoryon devesik. Da yw genen mires yn rag orth moy ha moy a ombrofyoryon rag an apposyans ma ynwedh.
Pur dha yw an sewenyansow ma rag Kernewek y’n termyn a dheu – 73 kowser nowyth! Ni a dhannvon dhedha agan bolonjedhow a’n gwella rag aga studhyansow yn Kernewek ha gwaytya dh’aga gweles yn
hwarvosow ha kuntelesow Yeth an Werin a-dro Kernow y’n vledhen a dheu.

Exam success

Congratulations are due this month to all those who have succeeded in passing their exams in Cornish.
A total of 66 people succeeded in the Kesva an Taves exams over 4 grades. Of these, 20 candidates obtained Grade One, of whom 17 passed with distinction; 16 passed Grade Two, 9 of them with distinction; 22 succeeded in Grade Three, 10 of them with distinc- tion and finally we congratulate the eight candidates who took their final Grade 4 exam and passed, 6 of them with distinction.
In addition 7 candidates became the first students ever to obtain the Breakthrough qualification under Asset languages. This is an accredited qualification open to schools and colleges and to adult stu- dents and we look forward to a grow- ing number of candidates for these examinations as well. These results bode well for the future of Cornish – 73 speakers! We wish them all well in their future studies in Cornish and hope to see them all at events and Yeth an Werin meetings around Cornwall in the coming year.

From the September/mis Gwyngala Newsletter of the Cornish Language Partnership Maga


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