Nowodhow diwettha a’n Keskowethyans/Partnership update

Cornish Language and Place Names

Nowodhow diwettha a’n Keskowethyans

En mis Gorefen, tredhek ha trei-ugans treylyans a veu gwres ha nei a worthebas dhe pajer govynadow nowyth warn ugens.
MAGA a wrug stalla plen en Diskwedhyans Stedhyan, leb era meur a dus, - keffres ha skoodhya stalla orth Gool Lafrowda. Yth era esedhvosow 'kensa assay' rag Dedh Ertach an Gedyorejow en Golsydhni ha rag an kowethyans 'Oos Owrek' (Golden Age), ha hwath arta en Golsydhni ha Kammbron. Skolyow S. Mewan a wrug Dedh Ertach gen gwariow a veu ynspirys gen an peth a veu gwres ena gen sodhogyon deskans MAGA.

An hwel dhe bara agan presens en Gool An Orient eth rag, - keffres ha'n hwel warbydn an kesstrif 'Kan rag Kernow' a vedh senjys en mis Du. An tavas, ha radnow erel a'n gonisegeth a Gernow, era ow kesskoodhya, an eyl radn dh'y ben, der vaner pur dha. Pes da on kemeres radn en towlow ledan ma, endella. Yma an kensa offrednow rag 'Kan rag Kernow' ow tos lebmyn. Rag hedna, kewgh dhe gompla an dra dhe oll an dus eus a-dro dhewgh, ma'l bos kesstrif bras an vledhen ma! Radyo Kernow a geskowas gen Elizabeth a-dro dhe'n towl ma ha 'th eron nei ow kul avisyans anodho en Kernow a-hes.

Yma sowena Klass Kernowek Konsel Kernow 'allowa klass nowyth rag dalethoryon dhe vos gwres en Truru, ha martesen ken onan en sodhvaow erel a'n Konsel, mar po tus lowr. En kettermyn, an dus era ow teski an vledhen ma a wra mos pella en vledhen a dheu.
An Keskowethyans a vettyas warbarth en mis Gorefen ha keskows a'n bojet ha'n towlow eus rag an termyn a dheu. An vaner dhe oberi a veu chanjys nebes ma'l bos gwellhes frethter ha surneth arhanjek MAGA.

Partnership update

July saw a total of 73 translations processed together with 24 new enquiries. MAGA ran a full stall at Stithians Show, which was busy and supported a stall at Lafrowda
Day. Taster sessions were run for the Guides’ Heritage Day at Goldsithney, for Golden Age, also at Goldsithney and in Camborne, while St Mewan Schools mounted an excellent Heritage Day with plays inspired by the sessions run there by MAGA education officers.

Work progressed towards the Lorient festival presence and towards the Kan rag Kernow competition in November. Language and other aspects of Cornish culture support each other well and we are pleased to be involved in these wider projects. Entries are beginning to come in for Kan rag Kernow, so please spread the word - we hope for a bumper competition in 2011! Radio Cornwall interviewed Elizabeth about the project and we are promoting it widely.

The success of the Council Cornish class has meant that while those already involved will progress next year, a new beginners’ class is being formed in Truro and classes are also being offered in other council offices if there is demand.
The Partnership met in July and discussed the budget and future work programme together with some changes in the way MAGA operates, designed to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness.


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