Pella Hwedhlow dhyworth Porth / More Tales from Porth

Cornish Language and Place Names

Ha pubonan orth y wortos dihwans, lyver nessa yn kevres Porth a vydh dyllys yn mis Hedra.
Yma 6 hwedhel moy, hag ynna ni a wra metya gans moy trigoryon an bendra – an dro ma, oll yn unn lyver! An Kernewek y’n lyver nowyth a wra drehevel war’n taves y’n kynsa hwegh hwedhel hag yth yw lowr dhe gowllenwel towlen apposyans Asset dhe nivel Breakthrough. An lyver yw dyllys yn furv leun-liw ha gans sidi a bub lyver Kernewek, redyes gans studhoryon Kolji Kemeneth Bosvena. An pris yw £9.99 ha’n lyver yw kavadow dhyworth MAGA.

The eagerly awaited follow up to Tales from Porth will be available in October. In a new selection of 6 stories, we meet more of the characters who inhabit the village – this time all in one book! The Cornish included in the new book builds on the original set and covers the rest of the syllabus for the Breakthrough stage of the Asset exams. The book is in full colour and comes with an audio CD containing the Cornish, read by students from Bodmin Community College. Priced at just £9.99, the book is available from MAGA.

Image shows 'More Tales from Porth' being launched at the MAGA Cornish Language Partnership Conference.


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