Dydh didhan rag dalethoryon/Fun day for Beginners

Ow sewya sewena veur an bennseythen rewlys Tregedna rag kowsoryon freth ha’n kors glew orth Skol Uhel Truru rag kowsoryon hanter freth, lemmyn yma MAGA ow profya kors oll an jydh rag dalethoryon, dhe vos synsys yn Kresen Kernow yn Resrudh.

Y fydh dyskadoryon a’n gwella ena ha’n dowlen a vydh dhe golonna dalethoryon a dhevnydhya Kernewek y’ga bewnans pub dydh oll – ow kul te ha koffi, golhi an lestri h.e. Plasow a vydh finwethys, ytho yth yw kynsa devedhys, kynsa erhys. Rag henna gwrewgh kavos agas dydhlyvrow ha skrifa an 19ves mis Du ha merkya agas les gans Sam dhe’n sodhva MAGA 01872 323497. Erhewgh lemmyn!

Following the great successes of the Tregedna Rules weekend for fluent speakers and the intensive course at Skol Uhel Truru for semi-speakers MAGA is now offering a day long course for beginners to be held at Kresen Kernow in Redruth.

The day will feature top tutors and will encourage beginners to use Cornish in their everyday lives – making tea and coffee, washing up etc. Places will be limited and so it’s a first come first served basis. So get your dairies out, write in 19th November and register your interest with Sam at the MAGA Office 01872 323497. Book now!


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