Keskussulyans 2011 / Conference 2011

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Meur ras dhe buponan a synsi rann y’n Keskusulyans MAGA hevleni – govenek a’m beus y vos dhe les dhywgh hwi ha hwi dh’y omlowenhe.

Yn arbennek, ni a wor gras dh’agan kowser Tony Scott Warren, neb a res areth meur dhe les a-dro dhe Jerriais, yeth Frynkek – Norman Jersey, hag a glerhas an ober gwrys lemmyn dh’y witha ha’y herdhya yn-rag. Yth esa lies tra yn y areth o hevel orth agan provyans yn Kernow ha pur lowen ov leverel my dhe wodhvos bos an jydh a les rag Tony ynwedh hag yma ev ow keskewsel lemmyn gans niver a dus a Gernow may hyllons kesranna aga thybyansow ha’ga sleyneth.

Moy es hemma, an jydh a viras orth an ober gwrys dres an vledhen eus passyes hag orth nebes a’n ragdresow usi ow tos. Da o gweles kemmys a dhyllansow nowyth yn stevel, y’ga mysk agan lyver nowyth agan honan – Porth 2 hag a veu lonchys an jydh na. Skrifer Will Coleman a lennas onan a’n hwedhlow, may hwrug Bardh Meur Mick Paynter ri performyans hegov avel Hanav gans niver a bodhogyon ynniys dhyworth an woslowysi.

An keskussulyans a vydh y’n kethsam pennseythen y’n vledhen a dheu, mes martesen framweyth an jydh ha’n le a wra chanjya. Meur ras dhe buponen a lenwis aga formow arbrisyans hag a wra gweres dhyn ow kul towlen keskussulyansow yn termyn a dheu.

Thank you to all of you who attended the MAGA conference this year – we hope you found it enjoyable and useful.

Particular thanks go to our speaker, Tony Scott Warren, for an interesting and illuminating talk about Jerriais, the Norman-French language of Jersey, and of the work done now to preserve and promote it. There were many parallels for Cornish speakers in his talk and I am delighted to say that I know that Tony also found the experience valuable and is now in contact with a number of people from Cornwall to look at some sharing of ideas and skills.

The rest of the day was devoted to a look at the work undertaken over the past year and at some of the up and coming projects. It was good to see so many new publications around the room and of course, our own Porth 2, which was launched during the day. Author Will Coleman read one of the stories in which the Grand Bard, Mick Paynter gave a memorable performance as Hanav, together with a number of other pressed volunteers from the audience!

We intend to retain the same weekend for next year’s conference, though the venue and format may change. Thank you to all those who filled in evaluation forms which will help to shape future conferences.


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