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Yma Gool Fylm Kernow ow solempnya y 10ves penn-bloodh hevleni, ha pubonan a wra kana ‘Penn-bloodh Lowen dhiso jy’ yn Kernewek orth kevewi penn-bloodh kynsa nos a’n gool.

An gool a vydh synsys orth Cin- ema an Golowji yn Tewynblustri ynter dy’ Gwener 4a ha dy’ Sul 6ves mis Du.

Y fydh dew skrinyans ‘Tamara’ Gwaynyer Piwas Govyn Kernewek Gool Fylm Kernow 2011 dres pennseythen an gool.

An kynsa ‘Kynwel’ a vydh 7:25wh Gwener 4a mis Du, hemm yw poran wosa kevewi ygerans an gool hag yth yw an dalleth gorthuher berrow yeth Keltek, gans diw fylm yn Kembrek dhyworth Gool Media Keltek.

Ena an ‘kynsa’ skrinyans dhe 7:30wh dy’Sul 6ves mis Du a wra ygeri an Presentyans Piwas, Big Pitcher h.e.
Pella manylyon dhyworth

Cornwall Film Festival is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and everyone will sing ‘Happy Birthday to you’ in Cornish at a party on the first night of the festival.

The festival will be held at the Lighthouse Cinema in Newquay from Friday 4th to Sunday 6th November.

There will be two screenings of ‘Tamara’ (Winner Of The Cornwall Film Festival Govyn Kernewek Award 2011) over the festival weekend.

The first ‘Preview’ will be at 7:25pm Friday 4th November, this is immediately after the festival Opening Party and kicks off an evening of Celtic language shorts, with two films in Welsh from the Celtic Media Festival.

Then, the ‘Premiere’ at 7:30pm Sunday 6th November will open the Award Presentations, Big Pitcher etc.

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- comedi tardhadow gans Will Coleman

Pyth a wrug Davey ha Dawe nyhewer? Wel, yth esa skathik ruber, tanbellen gwrys yn chi ha Pons an Tamar! Mes ny wrug an ve- byon prederi a-dro dhe gelli aga holonnow dhe Damara; kernewegores freth, kampyores revya ha skodhyores erbynn freudh....

Gans aray rych a gampollow dhe’n istori arwodhyek ha politek an Dowr Tamar, ‘Tamara’ a dhidhan, a dhysk ha, gans taves yn bogh yn hwiw, a erbynn nebes an dadhlansow a hedhyw a-dro dhe omrewlyans, kenedhlekter kernewek ha browaghter kesgwlasek. Dinamit!

Tamara - an explosive comedy by Will Coleman

What were Davey and Dawe up to last night? Well, it involved a rubber dinghy, a home-made bomb and the Tamar Bridge! But the boys didn’t reckon on losing their hearts to Tamara; fluent Cornish speaker, champion rower and advocate of non-violence...

With a rich array of historical allusions to the symbolic and political history of the Tamar River, ‘Tamara’ entertains, informs and, with tongue appropriately in cheek, confronts head-on some contemporary issues around self-determination, Cornish nationalism and international terrorism. Dynamite!


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