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Yth esa neppyth pur arbennek orth Lowender Peran hevleni. Kernewegoryon ha tus heb Kernewek vyth oll a wrug omguntel war-barth yn Barr a’n Howlsedhes dhe’n Ostel Ponsmeur, Porthperan dohajydhweyth dy’ Sadorn rag an kynsa Karaoke Kernewek bythkweth, ha nyns esens i diswaytys.

An darvos a dhalathas gans Pol Hodge ow kana ‘Rhapsodi Bohemek’ gans Myghternes, ha pesya a wrug gans performyansow erel kepar ha Stephen Gainey ow kana ‘Kerdhes war’n Loor’ gans an Gwythysi Kres; Roger Courtenay ow kana ‘Y’m Troylydh Oll A-Dro (avel plasen)’ gans Marow po Bew; kan ha diskan ynter Mark Trevethan hag Elizabeth Stewart ow kana ‘Pellgowser’ gans Arlodhes Gaga ha Beyonce; restrores a’n gool, Jowdy Davey, ow kana ‘Frapp Vy Melder’ gans Britney Spears; ha Jerry Jefferies ow sowdhana pubonan gans y berformyans a ‘Evrek Nowyth’ gans Frank Sinatra. Del hevel, ny wrug ev y honan godhvos bos lev mar dha dhodho kyns ev dhe dhos dhe’n gorrgowsel!

Onan an gwella treylyansow a ganow arnowyth o ‘Tandhalather’ gans An Prodigy, kenys gans meur a nerth gans Pol, ha’n darvos a dhegeas gans An Bagas Albanek Maclennan, bagas a dhonsyoryon Albanek dhyworth Loundres, ow kul ‘Y Hwren Dha Rockya’ yn Kernewek ha gans pibow sagh. Bryntin dres ehen.

Meur ras bras dhe bubonan a dreylyas kan rag an darvos na, hag ynwedh dhe bubonan o kolonnek lowr dhe gana neppyth ena! Ni a wayt bos hemma an kynsa a lies darvos Karaoke Kernewek a’n par ma yn termyn a dheu.

There was something very special at Lowender Peran this year. Cornish speakers and people with no Cornish at all gathered together in the Sunset Bar at the Ponsmere Hotel in Perranporth on the Saturday afternoon of the festival for the first ever Karaoke Kernewek event, and they were not disappointed.

The event opened with Pol Hodge singing ‘Rhapsodi Bohemek’ (Bohemian Rhapsody) by Queen, and continued with other performances such as Stephen Gainey singing ‘Kerdhes war’n Loor’ (Walking on the Moon) by The Police; Roger Courtenay singing ‘Y’m Troylydh Oll A-Dro (avel plasen)’ (You Spin Me Round (like a record)) by Dead or Alive; a duet between Mark Trevethan and Elizabeth Stewart of ‘Pellgowser’ (Telephone) by Lady Gaga and Beyonce; one of the festival organisers, Jowdy Davey, singing ‘Frapp Vy Melder’ (Hit Me Baby) by Britney Spears; and Jerry Jefferies surprised everyone with his rendition of ‘Evrek Nowyth’ (New York New York) by Frank Sinatra. It seemed that not even he himself knew that he had such a good voice until he stepped up to the microphone!

One of the best translations of modern songs was ‘Tandhalather’ (Firestarter) by The Prodigy, which was sung with great energy by Pol, and the event closed with the Mclennan Scottish Group, a group of Scottish dancers from London, singing ‘Y Hwren Dha Rockya’ (We Will Rock You) in Cornish accompanied by bagpipes. It was totally brilliant.

Many thanks to everyone who translated songs for the event and who was brave enough to get up and sing them! We hope this will be the first of many Karaoke Kernewek events like this in the future.


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