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Skol Bennsans a dhalathas bledhen akademek nowyth gans kevres a glassow Kernewek. Mes yn le seshyonyow blasa ha delivra yn klub wosa skol gans ombroforyon yma'n oberoryon Becky Kitto, Sarah Crummay ha Chrissie Simpson ow kul hemma aga honan hag yn euryow skol del yw usys.

I a yll gul hemma awos i dhe wul trenyans rag dyskadoryon (CPD) hag awosa yth omglewsons i fydhyansek lowr dhe dowlenna ha delivra kevres a dhyskansow dohajydh dhe flehes KS2 (bledhynnyow 4,5 ha 6).

Yn hwir, i o mar fydhyansek ha gu- ladow y feuns i, wosa dyski saw tri seshyon, fylmys rag towlen BBC ow tos Britain at Risk.
Gans arvreusyans 'outstanding' rag aga apposyans Ofsted rag 2010-2011 ha 'Dyskans rag Bewnans' rag lavar aga skol ymons i ow takla traow y’n fordh ewn!

Pensans School started the new academic year with a series of Cornish classes. However instead of delivering taster sessions and an out of hours club with volunteers the staff, Becky Kitto, Sarah Crummay and Chrissie Simpson, are doing it themselves in normal school hours.

They were able to do this because they took up our training for teachers offer (CPD) and afterwards felt confident enough to plan and deliver a series of afternoon lessons to KS2 children.

Indeed they were so confident and capable they ended up, after teaching only three sessions, being filmed for the BBC’s forthcoming Britain at Risk programme!
With an ‘outstanding’ assessment from Ofsted for 2010-2011 and Dyskans rag Bewnans for a school motto they are clearly going about things the right way!


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