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Cornish Language and Place Names

'Into Cornwall' ew gwiasva uji provia derivadow a-dro dhe buptra en Kernow, keffres rag trigoryon ha havysi. Kowl-janjys ' veu an wiasva a-dhiwedhes dhe gomprehendya Kernowek, a'n eyl pedn dh'y gela.

Angela Wigley, neb ew menystores a'n wiasva, a rekwiryas avis dorth MAGA a-dro dhe'n vaner dha dhe worra Kernowek e'n wiasva; Ha kens es usya an taves dre vaner arwodhel, hei a dhetermyas dhe worra Kernowek en res dien a radnow a'n wiasva. Yma hedna ow komprehendya an 'folen wolkobma' ha dyffrans folednow erel a-dro dhe 'nowodhow', 'boos ha diwes', 'bestys ha losow a'n gwel', 'aspia edhyn' ha Kernowek.

Ottobma hy lavarow dhe glerhe hy hwans dhe usya Kernowek dres an wiasva:

"Yma ow tiskwedhes puptra en Kernow ha 'dro dhe Gernow. Yma Kernowek ha gonisogeth Kernow en kres an towl rag ymons definya honanieth Kernow ha'n peth uji ow kul dhedhi dhe vos heb parow ha teller specyal dhe vewa ha vysytya. Dres lies bledhen yma agan gid rag Kernow ow tiskwedhes Kernowek war folednow a-dro dhe'n tavas ha henwyn-teller Kernowek ha'n gonisogeth a Gernow, gen styryans an henwyn-teller en agan 'A dhe Z a Drevow'. Lebmyn yma an FSS ow provia men dhe usya Kernowek dre vaner efan dre oll an wiasva, rag yma en form a veu agries gen an Kernowegoryon oll.

"Th erom ow kwaytya a vedn usya moy a eryow ha lavarow Kernowek en pub part a'gan gwiasva gorra tus moy dhe brederi a Gernowek ha'y dhrei a-dherag presens a dus nowyth na wrugons y weles en ken maner, martesen. Experyans da a vedh hemma rag agan havysi, neb a vedn kressya 'ga flesour en tastya Kernow; E' vedn rei kentryn dhe us an taves Kernowek en kemeneth ledan y'wedh."

'Into Cornwall' ew sampel a vri dhe negysow erel, uji ow tiskwedhes dhodhans an for' dhe usya Kernowek en aga oberow.

‘Into Cornwall’ is a website providing information about all aspects of Cornwall, both for residents and visitors, and recently it has undergone a major transformation to incorporate Cornish throughout it.

Angela Wigley, who runs the website, came to MAGA for advice on how to incorporate Cornish into the website, and rather than going for a tokenistic approach, she has introduced Cornish to a whole range of sections of the website, including the welcome page, news, food and drink, wildlife, bird watching and Cornish language.

Here she explains why she’s so keen to have Cornish throughout the website.
“ reflects all aspects of Cornwall. Cornish language and culture are central to this as they define Cornwall's identity, what it is that makes Cornwall unique and what makes it such a special place to live and to visit. For many years our guide to Cornwall has featured Cornish on pages about the Cornish language and place names and Cornish culture, as well as explanations on the derivation of place names in our A-Z of Cornish Towns and Villages. Now the SWF of Cornish has made it possible to use Cornish more extensively throughout the website, being in a form agreed by all speakers of Kernewek.”

“I hope that by employing more Cornish words and phrases throughout our website we will create a greater awareness of Cornish with the language reaching a new audience who may not otherwise have accessed it. This will be a positive experience for our visitors, enhancing their experience of Cornwall and for the Cornish language by stimulating more use of Cornish within the wider community".

Into Cornwall is an outstanding example to other businesses for how Cornish can be incorporated into what they do.


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