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Woodland walk between Lerryn and Ethy

Woodland walk between Lerryn and Ethy

A lovely walk from Lerryn through open parkland, woodland, with river views and ideal for any time of year.

1. Find parking in Lerryn. Walk back across the old bridge crossing the River Lerryn and take the first road on your left. This will take you past several old cottages. When you reach the end of the lane turn right and walk up the hill. (We'll be visiting the River Lerryn and its stepping stones later in the walk).

2. At the top of the hill just before the lane meets the main road, turn left into the housing estate of Lerryn View. Walk to the end of the road until you reach the start of public footpath which will be on the right.

3. Follow the footpath through a small wooden gate into a large field with several large trees. Walk through the centre of the field and as you begin to see the wall at the top of the field bear left so that you are in the left hand corner of the field.

4. There is a large wooden gate here. Go through the gate and you will find yourself on a forest path. Follow the path to the right and keep following it, staying on the main path until you reach a small gap in the hedge with wooden posts.

5. You will be on a rough vehicle track. While you can go either left or right, for the purposes of this walk we will be following the track to the right. Walk down the hill and you will reach some old stone buildings beside a small stream. This is the now disused St Winnow Mill.

6. Walk up the hill past the mill and take a left turn into the Forestry Commission managed area of Ethy Woods. You can walk through the woods following the trails. If you follow the main track through the woodland under the Sweet Chestnut trees, after the track takes a sharp curve to the right, a short distance further on, there will be a wooden footpath marker post directing you onto a narrow path on your left which will lead you downhill. There is a bench just a short distance down this trail which is an ideal place to stop and enjoy a picnic with lovely views over the river.

7.After exploring the woods retrace your steps back to the old St Winnow Mill and follow the track past the mill and up the hill to the gap in the hedge on the left where the footpath re-enters the woods. Follow the path but this time bear right for the first two occasions when the path splits.

8. The path will take you down towards the river. When you reach the bottom of the hill ignore the right turn and follow the path to the left. Continue following this path keeping the water on your right. Along the way, there are places where you can walk down to the water's edge and enjoy lovely views of the creek. Continue following the footpath keeping the water on your right and you will find yourself with a great view of Lerryn.

9. When you reach the cottages on this side of the River Lerryn the view now opens up and if the tide is low you will see a series of sturdy stepping stones across the river that you can follow to get back to your parking area. If the tide is not suitable for using the stepping stones, take a left turn and walk for a short distance before taking a right turn putting you back on the lane where you started your walk.

(Please note if you wish to extend this walk. When you are in the Forestry Commission area of Ethy Woods, you can walk right through the woods, following the main track, and exit onto a footpath that will take you through fields and along the river bank to the lovely village of St Winnow with its beautiful church located on the very edge of the Fowey River.)

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