Re-home Some Hens This January


The British Hen Welfare Trust promotes the belief that all laying hens deserve to enjoy natural freedoms whilst they lay tasty eggs for us to eat; that means freedom to roam on green pasture, freedom to enjoy sunshine, freedom to scratch for insects and freedom to lay an egg in a nest.

Here’s what the BHWT do:

Save over 50,000 hens from slaughter every year and find them caring pet homes through a network of 40 regional pop-up centres so they can enjoy a free range retirement. Find out how their 800+ wonderful volunteers do it by reading ‘A Day in the Life of a Co-ordinator’.

Educate consumers about the caged eggs hidden in processed foods, like pasta, quiche, cakes and mayonnaise so they can make an informed choice when shopping.

Positive campaign style described as pioneering. One of their most successful campaigns was in persuading Hellmann’s to produce a free range mayonnaise; as a result thousands of hens now enjoy freedom.

They take hens at the end of their commercial laying life from farmers around the UK all of whom support our work.

Actively promote our Great British Free Range Farmers – there’s a lot of happy hens free ranging the UK countryside because of their investment in free range systems.

To reserve your hens first Register online, then call the BHWT at Hen Central on 01884 860084 to complete your registration and make your reservation. Please ensure you have read the information on Hen Health and FAQs before making contact.

All bookings must be made before the collection date and so hens won’t be available on the day for those who have not reserved them with us. Call rather than email to ensure your booking especially if the collection date is coming up soon. Please do not come to the re-homing sites if you have not reserved hens.

To find your nearest hen collection point click here

Tel: 01884 860084

Next Re-homing Date: Sunday, 27 January


Tel: 01884 860084

Next Re-homing Date: Sunday, 27 January



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BBC Cornwall | Cornwall
Sepsis campaigner takes son's ashes to Buckingham Palace
Melissa Mead takes the ashes of her son William in a teddy bear to Buckingham Palace to collect an MBE.
Pedestrians 'flee in panic' as car crashes near Truro Cathedral
At least two people were injured in the crash outside Truro Cathedral.
HMS Warwick World War Two sinking remembered 75 years on
Sixty-six sailors died when the ship was hit by a torpedo from a Nazi U-boat off Cornwall in 1944.
Green Party MEPs arrested in Belgium nuclear weapons protest
The group scaled the wall of the Kleine Brogel air base in Belgium to protest against nuclear weapons.
Tintagel Castle bridge gets £2.5m donation
English Heritage says the donation for the footbridge at Tintagel Castle in Cornwall is an "inspiring gift".
South Western Railway: RMT suspends strikes after talks
The RMT said there had been a breakthrough in the row, following strikes over Christmas and New Year.
Lostwithiel family saves turtle from plastic sack death
A family thought the turtle was feeding on jellyfish until they got closer.
Welcome Stranger: World's largest gold nugget remembered
Two Cornish miners made the discovery in an Australian field 150 years ago.
Marlen Walker & Danny Cutmore: Cornish Pirates duo sign new two-year deals
Cornish Pirates forwards Marlen Walker and Danny Cutmore have agree new two-year contracts at the Mennaye.
Gavin Cattle: Cornish Pirates will not repeat Ealing performance in cup
Cornish Pirates coach Gavin Cattle says his side will not repeat their poor performance against Ealing in next week's cup game.

BBC News | UK | World Edition
Alesha MacPhail murder: Judge lifts ban on naming killer Aaron Campbell
A judge ruled Aaron Campbell could be named following an application from media outlets.
Ian Austin quits Labour blaming Jeremy Corbyn's leadership
Ian Austin, the ninth MP this week to leave, blames anti-Semitism but will not join new Independent Group.
Sheffield bomber crash: Flypast on 75th anniversary
The Remember The Ten flypast in Sheffield was organised after a BBC presenter's chance meeting in a park.
Fury at late-night Hertfordshire Police door knock for bad parking
An officer woke a woman at night to talk about her previous bad parking.
Cathedral City maker Dairy Crest to be bought by Saputo
Dairy Crest, whose brands also include Country Life, agrees to be taken over by Canadian firm Saputo.
Churches no longer have to hold Sunday services
The Church of England votes to change a 400-year-old law which made Sunday services compulsory.
Shamima Begum: IS teenager's family challenge citizenship move
In a letter to the home secretary, they say that - as her family - they "cannot simply abandon her".
Australia death couple's funeral held in Shropshire
Alice Robinson was found dead after partner Jason Francis was hit by a car near their Perth home.
Woman, 73, dies after Birmingham mugging
Three men and three boys are arrested on suspicion of manslaughter, robbery and assault.
Hillsborough trial: Pitch was 'like a battleground'
Dolores Steele's 15-year-old son Philip was among Liverpool fans who died at the 1989 FA Cup semi-final.
Sex attacker Kamil Malag escapes from prison van
Kamil Malag was returning to HMP Hewell from court when he absconded.
Richard Coles: Mental health hospital 'saved my life'
Pop star-turned-vicar the Reverend Richard Coles had clinical depression at the age of 17.
The fly-past honours 10 men who died when their plane crashed in Sheffield.
The flypast honours 10 men who died when their plane crashed in Sheffield in 1944.
The Independent Group: The breakdown on the breakaway MPs
MPs from the Tories and Labour have resigned and formed a new political group, but what do they want?
Isle of Wight cerebral palsy author writes autobiography with his nose
Author Josh Barry spent nine years writing book while also completing two degrees.
Insects decline: What do insects actually do?
Reports show many insect populations are declining. How will that affect us?
Why is this horse dressed like a zebra?
Researchers from the University of Bristol have found a novel way of keeping flies away from horses.
RAF Tornado retirement: Journalist gets queasy on goodbye flight
The BBC's Jonathan Beale got a ride in one of the RAF fighter jet's final flights.
Brit Awards 2019: the highlights
The highlights from the 2019 Brit Awards.
BBC News Channel
BBC coverage of latest developments
Bollard cover knitter determined to keep knitting despite vandals
A woman who knits covers for bollards outside her house vows a vandalised Marge Simpson will return.
Jailed gangster's designer trainers sold for £5K at auction
Money raised from the sale of Isaiah Hanson-Frost's footwear will go towards helping to prevent crime.
University Challenge: What's behind Freddy Leo's rapid buzzing?
Viewers have been left baffled by Oxford University student's unusual buzzing technique and incredible knowledge.
How to build the perfect model railway
Enthusiasts reveal their quest for perfection in recreating railway scenes from the past.
University of Cambridge reveals 'changing face of UK' in aerial photos
A collection of images spanning 64 years has been described as the "historical Google Earth".
Quiz of the Week: Who popped the question?
It's the weekly news quiz - have you been paying attention to what's been going on in the world during the past seven days?
The murderer who's opening a youth centre
Stephen Mellor served 14 years in prison but now wants to stop youngsters repeating his mistakes.
The students recycling clothes for London Fashion Week
Two students take up the challenge of repairing, reusing and recycling clothes for London Fashion Week.
Breaking: Can dance make the Olympics more urban?
The Paris Olympic organisers are hoping to include the dance form in the 2024 event.
What's wrong with gas hobs?
We answer your gas hob questions, following recent recommendations from the Committee on Climate Change.
The Independent Group: Who are they and what do they stand for?
Will they have to face a by-election? Who is their leader? We answer questions about the new group.
Shamima Begum: What is her legal status?
The UK has stripped the IS bride of her British citizenship - so what happens now?

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