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Redruth, in Cornish, Resrudh, lies at the heart of one of the most important concentrations of former mining activity in Cornwall.

Disused mine buildings are a notable feature of the town and the surrounding area, many of them preserved as a reminder of the town's great contribution to the industrial heritage of Cornwall.

The famous inventor, William Murdoch spent a large part of his life in Redruth. He came to the town in 1779 as a senior engine erector, responsible for the erection, maintenance and repair of Boulton & Watt's steam engines which were being used for pumping water out of the Cornish mines.

The invention for which Murdoch is most well known is the use of gas lighting as a replacement for the oil and tallow produced lights which were then available. In 1792 he began his experiments with gas derived from the heating of coal and other materials.

Murdoch's house at Redruth was the first domestic residence to be lit using coal gas. Today the house is used for educational and community purposes. It is the home of the Cornish Global Migration Project.

A plaque on the exterior tells how Murdoch lived in the cottage from 1782 - 1798.

The name, Redruth, is believed to mean red ford, possibly associated with the mineral stained Red River. It is derived from the Cornish words 'rhyd' or 'res' meaning a ford on a river and 'ruth' meaning the colour red.

General Information

The town has the full range of commercial facilities including banks and a Post Office.

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Located in West Cornwall. Easily accessed from the A30 trunk road.

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