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'Oggie' Tellam in his own words

"I was once told by an aunt that I showed a very early disposition to rhyming speech.

She informed me that at the time when I was being weaned from the milk bottle; an elder brother, in the absence of my parents, filled an empty bottle with Guinness. He was, himself too young to be prosecuted for supplying alcohol to a minor - but he was duly chastised by our father when he discovered that a bottle of Guinness had gone missing from the crate, which he kept under his bed.

It was too late, the damage had been done.

Apparently, when the next feeding time came around I was said to scream:

"Dada, Mama, kiss-kiss, kiss-kiss!
Dada, Mama, Gin-giss, Gin Giss."

'Oggie' Tellam - born in Camborne, Kernow. Published April 2006 his book of Cornish Limericks.

Here's a taste of 'Oggie's book:

A man rock climbing in Zennor,
Whose gear had cost him a tenner,
Had soon learned the ropes,
Then was scaling the slopes,
And he climbed there each day after dinner.

The book is available in good bookshops throughout Cornwall.

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David 'Oggie' Tellam
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