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Computers for Oldies was founded on 28th June 2011 as the result of proven need for older people to learn how to use a computer without pressure of formal educational classes.

Three able and willing ‘leaders’, all experienced in showing the older person how to travel the tricky pathway of learning, will demonstrate with dignity and fun just how simple it is to use a computer. You may not believe this but, like all things, it’s easy, once you know how.

However, as the organisation started with no money whatsoever it is essential that fund-raising takes place. Sales tables, car boot sales, charity days are all being planned and good quality things to sell are needed please.

Please make contact if you are able to donate. Shirley Davis 01872 – 270030.

Computers for Oldies is designed to provide facilities for leisure time and recreational activities with the objects of improving the quality of life, self-esteem and self-confidence for older people and to advance the education in computer use for these people who live within the former Carrick District and Restormel Borough Council areas of Cornwall.

The group relies on fund raising to continue its valuable work and would be pleased to accept donations of any items which it can sell at its forthcoming events. Please send an email or phone if you would like to donate items for sale.

Car Parking is available at Probus School.
Pets are not allowed.
Smoking is not allowed.

Events will be featured below as available.

To view the Computers for Oldies News Group for a list of past and forthcoming events please click here

Latest Report - 2015

The Chairman of Computers for Oldies is pleased to tell you that stalls are steadily being booked for the market, cream tea and recruitment drive scheduled to take place on Saturday 8th August at Probus Village Hall. All readers of this magazine are invited to book a 6ft table (£8.00) to raise money for yourself privately or for a charity of your choice. Because the event is being advertised all over the county there should be plenty of customers from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm. A cream tea will be the highlight of the day. Admission will be free.

Ideally, because Computers for Oldies is a very small, local charity you will want to help the three volunteer ‘teachers’ continue their work in helping the older person get to grips with modern technology. You can best do this by making this event a success. Since its start in 2011, many local people have been helped with XP and Windows 7, using the computers at Probus School. An addition to the opportunities already existing is the iPad, which many older people struggle with. The Chairman told our editor, “We find that just two sessions are sufficient to enable new iPad users understand how to get the best from their equipment.

If you would like to reserve your place or just talk about computers please telephone Shirley Davis on 01872 – 270030 or email We look forward to hearing from you and – please – tell everyone you know about this market. Thank you.


Having succeeded nicely at the 2011 market and cream tea, Computers for Oldies has settled into a steady routine of Saturday morning teaching sessions at Probus School, with variety coming about with more fund-raising events.

2012 saw another good fund-raising market and cream tea at Probus School, and a good year of teaching and learning. Momentous moments occur when someone suddenly realises what the computer is all about and rises from the beginner level to that of improver although each student is an improver, regardless of starting ability.

During 2012, because Microsoft would no longer be updating XP, Probus School changed all its computers to Windows 7, running 2010. Change is inevitable in the computer world, but the new operating system revealed a new screen. Therefore, as handouts and classwork include screen shots of what is being described, CfO had to buy a new laptop computer so that all images on paper were compatible with what was shown on screen.

Having hardly any money but plenty of faith, the CfO Committee spent £650 in providing a new laptop computer for the creation of meaningful handouts and classwork. It should be said that if all invoices had to be paid in advance, the bank account would have indicated figures in the red! However, having courage and determination to succeed at all costs, a market was held in January 2013 at Probus Village Hall, resulting in sufficient funds to ensure the colour black continued to feature in the bank statements.

July 2013

Because traders and customers have become accustomed to the Computers for Oldies market, another event was held at Probus Village Hall, with very good success. Many stall-holders covered tables with bric-a-brac, household goods, antiques, books, crafts, toys, plants and almost everything else you can think of. Such was the day that several of the same stall-holders have reserved their place for the July 2014 market.

Since Computers for Oldies’ started in 2011, over 50 people have benefited from the three volunteer ‘teachers’ giving their time, knowledge and experience for the benefit of others. If you would like to help, there are many ways in which you could do this:

i. Donate unwanted things for CfO students to sell, either at the market on 26th July or at the weekly computer sessions between themselves.

ii. Donate money (Sorry! I know you’re forever being asked for money).

iii. Become a student and learn how to use a computer or develop your already existing skills.

iv. Book a stall at the market on 26th July 2014.

v. Tell everyone you know about this market. We would like it to be truly amazing for 2014.

vi. Advertise the market via email. Give Shirley your email address and she will send you a poster that you may use to attract customers.

vii. If you are able to run a mini-bus or organise a coach day-trip, please contact Shirley for more information.
You may not know that the church at Probus has the tallest tower in Cornwall, and has connections with Sir John Arundel of Lanherne, Francis Tregian Snr of Golden near Tregony, and Cuthbert Mayne – the first Catholic martyr (1577).

And finally for 2013, we at Computers for Oldies would like to thank everyone who has given support in whatever shape or form to this very small local charity. Without your continued help, the work carried out to show the older person how to use a computer would have to cease.

A very happy and peaceful 2014 to you.

Shirley Davis

Archived Reports

Market Success for Computers for Oldies

The Chairman of Computers for Oldies would like to thank IntoCornwall for their support and encouragement. Not least, was the promotion of a successful fund-raising event held in Probus Village Hall in January which had the aim of making £100 for the general coffers.

Such was the turn-out that the result was a profit of £260 which will replenish the depleted coffers.

However, as money is always a necessary item the CfO Committee has decided to hold a similar, although much larger, event in the summer on Saturday 27th July. The venue will again be Probus Village Hall, with times of business being 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.

The day will comprise a market with more stalls than last time filling the main hall as well as stalls and refreshments in the Committee Room.

As the computer group has held a cream tea for the last two years a decision has been made that this trend should continue. Scones, cream, jam and tea will be served from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm at the same event.

All in all, it could be worth visiting Probus on that day, especially as the church is particularly beautiful.

Stalls are being reserved now and will cost the same: £8.00 if CfO provides a table or £6.00 if you provide your own 6ft table to fill a space. Admission, as in the past, will be one penny.

For further information please telephone Shirley Davis on 01872 – 270030.

Cream Tea Report

Saturday 30th July 2011. 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm

Our first fund-raising adventure.

Many tables were set up in the main hall of Probus Primary School for customers to eat and drink in comfort. Sales tables were spread around the edges with good quality books, wonderful soft toys, bric-a-brac, and fresh garden produce, including blackberries picked at 6 o’clock that morning.

Outside, in the entrance were hundreds of garden and house plants, creating a colourful welcome.

Newly-made scones were delivered shortly before the start of the event. Jam, cream and tea were consumed in good quantity with the result that everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon in convivial company. The sum of £248.87 was made, and success was felt all round.

Will there be another cream tea in 2012?

Yes, if you will support it.

For historical interest and to show enterprise this website will keep a running diary of events.

Diary for 2011

Saturday 30th July. Cream tea with sales tables. Probus Primary School

Target: £100
Achievement after expenses: £248

Saturday 6th August. Car boot sale. Grampound Recreational Ground.

Saturday 10th December. The Mayor of Truro’s Charity Day. The Piazza.
9.00 am – 4.00 pm

Sent in by
Miss Shirley Davis
Chairman: Computers for Oldies
2 Carew Road
Truro TR1 3TP
Telephone: 01872 - 270030

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CFO Fund raising event
CFO Fund raising event
CFO Fund raising event
CFO Fund raising event
Computers for Oldies
Probus Primary School
Ladock Road
Near Truro

Tel: 01872 270030

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CFO Fund raising event
CFO Fund raising event

Computers for Oldies
Probus Primary School
Ladock Road
Near Truro

Tel: 01872 270030

Open: Saturday mornings 10.00 am - 12 noon

Access for people with disabilities

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