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St Ingunger Cross on the Saints' Way

St Ingunger Cross on the Saints' Way

The Saints' Way, in Cornish, Forth an Syns, is a walking route retracing the steps of ancient Celtic missionaries.

The path passes through twelve parishes crossing central Cornwall from Padstow on the north coast to Fowey on the south.

Walking through the Parish of Padstow

Length of stage one - 2 miles/3.2 km

The Saints' Way begins at the south door of Padstow Parish Church before passing onto Hill Street through the Lych Gate. At the New Street cross-roads go straight ahead onto Dennis Road. Walking down Dennis Lane will take you to Dennis Creek. Follow the footpath onto Dennis Hill and cross the large field diagonally to take you to Trerethern Creek. After walking along the bank of the creek follow the path to lead to Credis Creek. On reaching the footbridge you cross into the Parish of Little Petherick.

Walking through the Parish of Little Petherick with St Issey

Length of stage two - 3.5 miles/5.6 km

Cross the second footbridge at Credis Creek and go up the creek bank onto Tregonna Fields. When the trackway leaves the wood at the top of the hill walk across the field in the same direction as the creek bank . After crossing the next stile you will be in St Mary's Woods. Little Petherick is on the other side of St Mary's Woods. The path brings you onto the Padstow to Bodmin road in the centre of Little Petherick. After crossing the bridge over Petherick Creek you enter the Parish of St Issey.

Stay on the main A389 and walk up the hill a short distance until you reach a slate stile. Cross the stile to enter Mellingey Fields. On reaching the hamlet of Mellingey you will see the Mill House which gave the settlement its name. Follow the lane up the hill in the direction of Higher Mellingey to continue on the Saints' Way. If you wish to make a detour to St Issey Churchtown there is a footpath leaving the Forth an Syns. Continuing up the hill on the Saints' Way you will soon reach Trenance. The hamlet has several stone and slate cottages. When you reach the cottage with the signs and curiosities outside, leave the road on the track and proceed eastwards in the direction of Blable. When the track comes to an end, cross the field and the stile and walk down the hillside passing a former stone quarry to reach the Blable Stream.

Walking through the Parish of St Breock

Length of stage three - 3.5 miles

On crossing the A39 at West Park Farm and No Man's Land you now enter the Parish of St Breock. Take the farm track between the fields and start going uphill onto St Breock Downs. After crossing several stiles walk along the lane at Pawtonsprings Farm to reach St Breock Beacon. Next, take the road north-east until the second right turn to Hustyns and Withiel. The route turns to the south Higher Tregustick and you enter the next parish - Withiel.

Walking through the Parish of Withiel

Length of stage four - 3.5 miles/5.6 km

The Saints' Way continues from Higher Tregustick. Follow the route downhill from the field gate. Keep to the eastern side of the field, cross the stile and then cross the next field diagonally . Go through the wooden gate in the corner of the field and take the track to Lower Tregustick. After entering onto the lane ride south immediately before the farmyard at Tregustick Farm. Go around the next bend and then enter the bridleway that leads to the crossing on the Ruthern River. There are two footbridges here. Cross and head upwards towards Withiel, passing Blackhay Farm and the wooded hillside. After arriving in Withiel Churchtown go east onto the church lane. Cross over the road, through the hedge and into the fields of Churchtown Farm.

The path goes diagonally across the fields and goes down to Lanzota. At Lanzota cross the stile and the stepping stones then cross the field diagonally towards the gate in the south east corner. Go through the gate. You are in the fields of Trevidgeowe Farm. Cross this field diagonally and then use the stile to access a green lane which leads to Withielgoose. Cross this lane to enter Retire Fields. Cross the fields diagonally to get to the hamlet of Retire. Cross two more stiles and use the steep stone steps to take you onto the road leading to Tremore Bridge. Cross the granite bridge and you are now in the Parish of Lanivet.

Walking through the Parish of Lanivet

Length of stage five - 5.5 miles/8.8 km

From Tremore Bridge go up the hill to Tremore. Walk through the hamlet to Tremore crossroads. At Tremore Cross take the lane going south to Higher Woodley. Then leave the road and take the footpath across three fields to reach Cadwyn Lane.

You will now head downhill to reach Woodley crossroads. At the crossroads go straight on into Clann Lane. At Lanivet, cross the A389 and take the road up to the church. From Lanivet Parish Church go south up Rectory Road and up Rectory Hill where you will go under the A30 Bodmin by-pass. You are now at Reperry Cross.

Take the lane to the east towards St Ingunger. Stay on this high road until you reach Ingunger Cross and then go south to the hamlet of Fentonpits. From here, go south west to Trebell Green and Helman Tor Gate. You are now about to enter the Parish of Lanlivery.

The Saints's Way now offers a choice of two routes to complete the journey to Fowey. One route goes via the parishes of Luxulyan and Tywardreath before entering the Parish of Fowey, while the other route goes via Lanlivery and St Sampson.

Walking through the Parish of Luxulyan

Length of stage six a - 6 miles/9.6 km

From the Helman Tor Gate the road winds its way with marshland on either side until it gets to Gunwen Chapel. From Gunwen Chapel go south on the road until the next junction and then turn west along the lane with Cornish hedges (stone hedges). Walk past the entrances to Gunwen and Gurtla Farm and continue to Corgee Farm. At Corgee, where the lane forks, proceed south to Tredinnick Farm.

After Tredinnick you leave the lane to join a footpath. Walk along Trenince Drive but before the end of the drive use the stile to cross into Trenince Fields. After another stile and two fields you will enter a copse of trees in the bottom of the valley. You will cross several granite stiles along a cobbled causeway. After walking through the copse walk up the field to meet up with the road again. Cross the road verge to go down the hill into Luxulyan. Enter the churchyard and leave at the south east corner to walk to the Holy Well of St Cyor. Returning up the hill turn left near the Post Office and join the footpath that passes the old school. Cross over the railway line into the field.

Cross this field diagonally and then the next two fields in the same way. After the third field cross the track. After crossing the stile you will enter a small wooded area where you will cross a river. At the top of the hill cross the stile and continue along the path to the next stile. Cross the field and two more stiles and walk along the green lane to Trevanney Farm. Go through the gate at the corner of the farm-yard and walk around the back of the concrete building to rejoin the footpath. Shortly the footpath meets with another footpath - take the path to the south in the direction of Prideaux Farm. Walk up the next field, go across the lane and into the lane to Prideaux Farm. Where the farmyard ends turn to go into the field and walk to the stile to go into Nanscawsen Fields. Cross the field and enter Warren Wood. After walking through the wood you will exit onto a road. Walk down the road past the next junction to enter the Parish of St Blazey.

Walking through the Parish of St Blazey

Length of stage seven (a) - 1/4 mile/400 metres

Walk along the main road - A390 - in the direction of Liskeard. After crossing the bridge over the Luxulyan River and the railway line you enter the Parish of Tywardreath.

Walking through the Parish of Tywardreath

Length of stage eight (a) - 3.75 miles/6 km

Cross the main road near the terrace of old cottages and look for the public footpath sign. Follow the footpath to Kilhallon Farm and then walk in an easterly direction, passing an old well and then walk straight across at the crossroads. Follow the ridge to the Marsh Lane footpath and then follow this down to what was Treesmill Creek and then walk under the railway to arrive in Tywardreath village. Walk through Tywardreath to St Andrew's Church. After looking at the churchyard leave by the east gate onto Well Street.

Cross the A3082 road and walk under the old railway line - now a roadway for china clay trucks. You take up the footpath again between the picturesque almshouses and the Ship Inn public house. Walk up the hill taking care not to cross the stile onto the south west coast-path. Cross the next field in a diagonal direction and cross the stile taking care as you are now on a main road. Cross the A3082. Leave the main road at the signpost for Menabilly and Polkerris and walk towards Tregaminion Farm. Walk through the farmyard, cross the next three fields and you will arrive at the parish boundary with Fowey.

Walking through the Parish of Lanlivery

Length of stage six (b) - 5 miles/8 km

From the signpost for Helman Tor, walk up the road to the Tor and onto its summit. Walk down from the Tor to the car parking area and walk the lane in a south east direction. Stay on the track, ignoring the public footpath sign. After about two miles of walking downhill from the summit of Helman Tor, you will arrive at Menawink. A little more walking and you arrive in Lanlivery Churchtown to visit the Church of St Brevita. Leave the churchyard using the eastern gate and go down the steps to the road. Wakl along the road that is signposted to Lostwithiel passing the camp site. At the nest cottage, named Pelyntor, go through the gate and up the grassy track.

After two more gates and a stile you are again in fields. You continue over the field summit in an easterly direction to the next stile. Cross the stile onto the B3269 road and then ignore the stile facing you. Instead, walk along the road towards No Man's Land where you will reach the junction with the A390. Proceed down the A390 towards Liskeard until you reach the gates of Pelyn House. At this point cross the A390. Walk along the lane and up the hill where you will reach the next turning on the Way. Turn southwards and walk past Crewell Farm. When you reach the gate at the end of the farm lane, go through the gate and walk down the steep path between the tall hedges. Continue to rejoin the minor road at Castle. Continue walking along the road to the next junction at Pelyn Bridge where you should follow the road towards Milltown which follows the river. At the small hamlet of Milltown continue along the lane and walk under the railway bridge. After passing two granite posts you are now in the Parish of St Sampson.

Walking through the Parish of St Sampson

Length of stage seven (b) - 3 miles/5 km

St Sampson is the penultimate parish on this route of the Saints' Way. Walk up the lane passing the the back of Lantyan farmhouse and continue along the lane in a southerly direction. Cross the next stream and walk up the hill. When you reach the second gate cross the stile into the field. After three stiles cross the youth hostel driveway and proceed in a diagonal direction across the field. Cross the next stile in the field's hedge and walk across the next field in the direction of the lane that will take you to St Sampson's Church.

Walk down Church Hill and School Hill to reach the village of Golant. At the crossroads walk straight across as far as Hendra House, turn and walk between the two gateposts to leave the village. You are now walking onto Golant Downs. The pathway brings you close to Sawmills Creek. After crossing the stepping stones you have entered the Parish of Fowey.

Entering Fowey from St Sampson Parish

Walking through the Parish of Fowey

Length of stage eight (b) - 2 miles/3.25 km

Head away from Sawmills Creek uphill and inland through Colvithick Wood then past Penventinue Farm. You are now on the road called Penventinue Lane. Head downhill, crossing the old Fowey railway line which is now a road for china clay trucks, to join the B3269 road to Fowey. On reaching the end of North Street just before Fowey's Post Office, walk up to your right onto the Bull Hill footpath. Follow this fottpath to the Church of St Fimbarras. Your journey along the Saints' Way is now complete.

Entering Fowey from Tywardreath Parish

Walking through the Parish of Fowey

Length of stage eight (a) - 2 miles/3.25 km

You enter the Parish of Fowey through Trenant. Walk along beside the upper hedge of the field then cross the stile to take you into Lankelly Woods. An arched bridge crosses the Saints' Way here as it makes its way to Menabilly House.

Cross the next stream then walk up the hill to Lankelly. At Lankelly turn to the south and proceed along the road to Polridmouth. At the next turning go east and then shortly afterwards turn into Love Lane. This old lane, owned by the National Trust, will take you to Readymoney Cove. Walk along the Esplanade and through Fowey's streets to reach the Church of St Fimbarras. You have now completed your journey along the Saints' Way.

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