History of Balleswidden

From 'The Mines of Cornwall and Devon, Observations and Statistics Thomas Spargo 1865

in St. Just, Cornwall, in 1,310 shares. Purser, Mr. It. V. Davy, Penzance. Late. Manager, Captain Trehair, who has just left. Landowners, Messrs. Millett, Lawry, Scobell, and others. Dues, l-29th (Millett and Scobell); other Lords, 1 -33rd. Depth of adit, 16 fathoms; depth under it, 162 fathoms. Bock, granite. 258 men, 36 females, and 52 boys employed. Pumping-engine, 80-inch. Pumping-engine (idle), 45-inch. Stamping-engine, 36-inch. 4 winding-engines, 24, 18, 16, and 26-inch.

Mineral Sold in 1864

Black tin 309 Tons 16 cwt ... for .. .. £19,701 17s 3d

The mine has been worked from time immemorial ; by the present Company 44 years. Owing to the fall in price of tin, they have been losing for last 9 months, and are likely to continue to lose until an advance takes place in that article.
From 'A Compendium of British Mining, with Statistical Notices of the Principal Mines in Cornwall' Joseph Y. Watson 1843

In St. Just, in Penwith, about three miles west of Penzance. The sett extends over a large tract of land, containing five principal parallel tin lodes, besides several counter lodes, and branches of tin leading from one lode to another. The mine commenced working in 1832 ; is 90 fathoms deep from the surface ; and, from 1833 to 1841, returned tin to the amount of £51,960. 8s. 6d,, and at present selling about 50 tons per month. There are five steam-engines, two water-wheels, and six horse-whims at work, and the machinery on the mine is valued at £18,572. The dues only l-33d, and the lease for 21 years, from 1841.

From 'Observations on the West of England Mining Region' J.H. Collins

A very old mine ; began to work on a considerable scale in 1832 ; in 1838 had a 24-inch and four smaller engines, and employed 634 people. Later it had an 80-inch and a 45-inch pumping engine, 36-inch stamping engine, five winding engines, etc. In 1842 was 90 fathoms below adit ; in 1865, 162 fathoms; in 1870, 180 fathoms. Closed down in 1873, and very little has been done in the sett since. Sales of tin to 1873, 12,000 tons, realized £694,094. up to 1856 gave profits amounting to £26,148 ; the later profits are not known. The largest quantity of tin sold in any one year was 313 tons.



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