History of Wheal Reeth

From 'The Mines of Cornwall and Devon, Observations and Statistics

in Uny Lelant, Cornwall. Secretary, Mr. John Barrat, Wheal Reeth. Manager, Captain Joel Higgins, Scorrier. Rock, granite. Depth of adit, 30 fathoms. Depth under it, 220 fathoms. Pumping-engine, 40-inch. Stamping-engine, 30-inch. Winding-engine, 24-inch. " Man-engine," 30-inch. Landowner, W. B. Tyringham, Esq. Dues, l-18th. 180 men, 30 females, and 30 boys employed.

Mineral Sold in 1864

Black tin ... Tons 197 cwts. 3 qrs. 2 lbs. 4 ... for ... £14,401 1 s 0 d

This is an old mine, but the present Company took it in 1844. They have not been fortunate, like their predecessors, having sustained a loss; but their loss in 1864 was small, and the late price of tin would have prevented any. It is situate in a good tin producing district.

From 'Observations on the West of England Mining Region' J. H. Collins

A very old mine. A "fire engine" was working here so far back as 1748. In 1858 had 36-inch, 20-inch, 20-inch, 20-inch and 15-inch engines at work and employed 231 people. In 1864 had 40-inch, 30-inch, 24-inch and 30-inch engines, was 220 below adit, and employed 240 people. The produce to 1867, when the mine stopped work , was said by C. Thomas to have been of the total value of £458,000, and the dividends £78,000. The water here was often insufficient for dressing purposes. The only statistics of production available show that from 1837-9 and 1853-67 1955 tons of black tin were sold. For many particulars see Henwood, Trans. R.G.S.C, V, tab, xvii.



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