Advent Parish Church - St Adwena
Advent Parish Church - St Adwena

History of Advent

HALS. — ADVENT is situate in the hundred of Les-newith, i.e., new breadth, extent, or division. It hath noon the north, Lanteglos; east, Altar Nun and S. Clether; south, Brewer; west, Michaelstow. In the Domesday Tax, 2nd of Will. I., 1068, this district was rated either under the names of Tegleston or Helleston, manors contiguous therewith. For the modern appellations of this parish, they were taken from the church after its erection and consecration (which goes in presentation and consolidation with Lanteglos), and is called Advent, from Advent Sunday, on which probably it was consecrated and dedicated in the name of S. Anne by the Bishop of Exon, viz., the nearest to the feast of S. Andrew, and refers to the coming of Christ. This church is consolidated in Lanteglos, and goes in presentation with it ; the patronage in the Duke of Cornwall, who endowed it. This parish of Advent or S. Anne was rated at the -Is. per pound land tax, in the Exchequer £61 17. 0d., Ann. Dora. 1696; at which time the author of this work (viz. Hals), with other com missioners at Bodmin, settled the respective charges or sums upon all the parishes or towns in Cornwall for all future ages.

TONKIN. — The right name of this parish is S. Alhawyn, by abbreviation, Advent. The place of chief note in this parish is Trethyn. In the time of the usurpation, Sir Henry Rolle, of Honiton (Heanton ?), retired here as being a pleasant seat (especially in summer) for hunting ; and soon after it was the seat, by lease from him, of Matthew Vivian, gent., a younger brother of John Vivian, Esq., of Truan, and as noted a cavalier as his brother was a partisan on the other side. Mr. Matthew Vivian had several daughters, one of them being the first wife of Bcale, of S. Teath, brought him this barton, which he gave to her eldest son, Matthew Beale, gent., whose widow now (1715) enjoys it.


Advent, sometimes called S. Anne, is situate in the hundred of Lesnewth, in the deanery of Trigg-minor; bounded on the north by Lanteglos and Davidstow, east by S. Clethcr, south by S. Breward, and west by Michael- stow, is about one mile and a half from Camelford, and contains by measurement 1081 A. 2E. 16p. arable, 97 A. 2u. meadow, 622A. SB. 8p. pasture, 21 A. 2n. 16p. woodland, 2,400A. of common, and the whole parish 4,059A. IK. The living is consolidated with that of Lanteglos-by-Camelford, and is set down at £137, with a glebe of 64A. 0H. 15p., the patronage in the Duke of Cornwall. The church is divided into chancel, nave, south aisle, and north and south transepts. The north transept is lighted by 3 lancet windows, and the south has original stone benches. The arcade is of depressed four-centred arches, supported by pillars of S. Stephens stone. The doorway of the south entrance has enriched mouldings in Cataeluse stone. The tower is lofty, has eight pinnaeles, and contains four bells. Both church and tower are somewhat dilapidated ; the latter appears to have suffered from lightning. There arc not many inscriptions in the church.

Sacred to the memory of Edmund Dinliam, of Newton, in the parish of St. Kew, who died August 13, 1831 ; aged 66. Also Annie, wife of the above, died July 19, 1860 ; aged 83. A John Batten, of Cheriton Bishopp, in the county of Devon, Gent., was buried the 28 day of November, in the year of our Lord God, Anno Dom. 1710. John Batten, the elder, of this parish, Gent., was hurried the 2 day of February, Anno Dom. 1710.

In the churchyard is this:

Sacred to the memory of Samuel Scott, a native of the borough of Camelford, whose poetical attainments and writings, unaided but by self education, raised him from obscurity into honourable notice. He was born in the year 1799, and died on the 24th of February, 1859, setat 60 years. Among the manuscripts of his earliest effusions is the following epitaph : —

The storms of life are past and gone,
My troubles all are fled,
Here I am laid beneath this stone,
And rest among the dead.

But reader while you view this spot,
Where now my ashes lie,
Know that it soon must be your lot,
For mortals all must die.

A board in the church records the following donations : —

John Batten, late of Cheriton Bishopp, in Devon, Gent., gave five pounds to the poore of this psh., in the year 1710. John Batten, of this psh., Gent., gave five pounds which was distributed to ye poore in the year 1710.

The village of Trelegoe, or Treclego, is the property of John Carpenter Gamier, Esq., of Mount Tavy, near Tavistock. The manor of this name, after having been for some descents in the family of Phillipps, was given by the late Eev. Win. Phillipps, rector of Lanteglos and Advent, to his nephew, John Phillipps Carpenter, Esq., of Tavistock, whose grandson abovenamed is the present proprietor.

The village of Pencarow has passed from James Bate to Marshall, and the village of Tresinny is the property of Eichard, Henry, and Absalom Pethick. Most of the estates in this parish are parcel of the Duchy of Cornwall, being held as free and customary lands of the manor of Helston in Trigg. Helsbury park extends into this parish.

Trethyn, once the seat of a branch of the family of Eolle, passed from Matthew Beale, Esq., who held it in 1736, to Eobert Lovell Gwatkin, Esq., who, in 1814, sold it to Mr. Sarel. It is now the property of Thomas Graham, Esq., of Penquite, in S. Sampsons. Sir Henry Eolle retired here during the protectorate, ostensibly to enjoy the pleasant situation and fine sporting locality, but in reality, it may be presumed, from a distaste to the then government, of which he had been chosen a member.

In ancient ecelesiastical records the church of Advent is called the chapel of S. Andewin, or S. Athawyn, in Lanteglos, of which parish it was formerly a part. Its patron saint, according to some authorities, was Adwen, a daughter to Brechan, a Welsh saint and king in the fourth century. He is represented in one of the windows in S. Neot church, rohed and crowned, and in his mantle of royal ermine holds a group of eleven heads, intended to represent a portion of his offspring, twenty-four altogether, all of whom were said to be confessors or martyrs in Devon and Cornwall. Those settled in Cornwall were: — 1, John or Ivan, giving name to the church of S. Ive ; 2, Endelient, to Endellion ; 3, Menfre, to S. Minver; 4, Tethe, to S. Teath; 5, Mabena, to S. Mabyn ; 6, Merewenna, to Marhamchurch ; 7, Wenna, to S. Wenn ; 8, Yse, to S. Issey; 9, Morwenna, to Moorwinstow ; 10, Cleder, to S. Clether; 11, Keri, to Egloskerry ; 12, Helie, to Egloshayle ; 13, ADWEN, to Advent ; 14, Lanent, to Lelant.

The eastern part of this parish consists chiefly of granite, forming a portion of the extensive group of this rock in which arc situated Roughtor and Brown Willy, in the adjoining parish of S. B.reward. The junction of granite and slate is concealed by a large tract of marshland, connected with which is a dreary waste of common, resting on a bed of quartzose gravel, derived from the granite hills and evidently of diluvial origin. The remainder of the parish is composed of felspar and hornblend rocks, thickly traversed by courses of granitic elvan. The eastern part of the parish merely affords coarse pasture. The north western part is watered by the river Camel, and comprises some good and well-cultivated estates, and exhibiting some picturesque scenes of hill, dale, wood, and water. A silver lead lode of considerable promise has recently been opened in the central part of the parish.



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