Porthleven from the air
Porthleven from the air

History of Porthleven

A survey shows Porthleven as having 63 dwellings mainly inhabited by fishermen and miners with a population of 220.

Porthleven Harbour is completed after fifteen years. The construction had suffered many difficulties.

St Bartholomew's Anglican Church was built.

Porthleven acquired its first lifeboat, the Agar Robartes 30 feet with 6 oars.

Porthleven Coastguard Station was built and stored the Rocket Lifesaving Apparatus (RLA). The apparatus was in use for 60 years and saved 104 lives.

Porthleven Harbour had 150 boats.

The volunteer R.S.A. was formed

The population of Porthleven had grown to 1,259.

The Chapel in Fore Street was built costing £3,720.

On the 26th January 1884, during a severe gale, the Austrian - Hungarian barque Cviet was deliberately run aground 328 yards (300 metres) east of Porthleven in an attempt to save her crew after the ship became uncontrollable during the storm. She was carrying a cargo of logs. Three crew lost their lives and are buried at Porthleven Church. 600 tons of logs were salvaged.

Porthleven was affected by the great blizzard

New lifeboat Charles Henry Wright, 34 feet with 10 oars

A new lifeboat station was built at a cost of £1,500.

Porthleven Harbour had 127 boats

New lifeboat John Francis Wright. 25 feet self righting. First shout was 29th December 1900 to Polykarp of Grinstead, in a severe storm.

The first mail cart to Porthleven was in April 1908.

A huge fire occurred in the fish store. The fire brigade attended from Helston with their horse drawn fire appliance.

Porthleven harbour was busy receiving coal steamers, vessels carrying cement, bricks and timber.

Kitto's boatyard was commissioned to build two wooden motor vessels for the Hudson Bay Fur Trading Company. The Fort Churchill was completed in July 1913 and the Fort York a year later.

New lifeboat, Dash, the last replacement lifeboat.

Porthleven Lifeboat Station closed.

Porthleven Harbour had only 2 boats

On the 12th December 1978 a huge storm caused mountainous seas that swept away the whole of the harbour road. Two policeman and their vehicle were swept into the harbour and drowned.

In December a hurricane hit Porthleven. Granite blocks on the harbour road were tossed around like toys and the Institute and its clock tower were pounded by mountainous waves.



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Porthleven Harbour at dusk
Porthleven Harbour at dusk

Porthleven Harbour
Porthleven Harbour

Porthleven in Winter
Porthleven in Winter

Porthleven Harbour in Winter
Porthleven Harbour in Winter


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