History of Providence Mine

From Thomas Spargo

PROVIDENCE, in Uny Lelant, Cornwall, in 1,120 shares. Pursers, Messrs. Higgs and Son, Penzance. Manager, Captain "William Hollow, Lelant. Landowners, Messrs. Tyringham, Bassett, and Stephens. Dues l-22nd. Depth of adit, 46 fathoms. Depth below, 125 fathoms. Rocks, granite and clay-slate. 240 men, 65 females, and 81 boys employed. Pumping-engine, 40-inch. Stamping-engine, 30-inch. Winding-engine, 20-inch.

Minerals Sold in 1864.

Copper ore for ... £103 0 0
Black tin ... 369 Tons 2 cwt 1 qrs 16 ibs ... £22,172 9s 1d
Total £22,275 9s 1d

Since the commencement of paying dividends, about one-third of the produce has been divided as profit among the shareholders, a circumstance which, for so long a period, is believed to be with out a parallel in tin mining. In May, 1846, that portion of the sett called Wheal Providence, from which the copper was principally raised, the sale of which up to that time amounted to £1,775 15s. 6d., failed, and was abandoned. The success of the adventure may be mainly attributed to the judicious policy of the lords, Mr. Praed (now Tyringham), the Basset family, Mr. Stephens, and Mr. Gilbert, in giving up the dues for a time, which assisted the adventurers in prosecuting the concern to a profitable issue. £2,000 has lately been expended in new tin floors, railways at surface and underground, &c. The mines continue to look well, with good prospects for the future. This has afforded a most successful enterprise, one of those things. that hold up assurance even to the unitiated, that Cornwall is a good county in which to invest money. I look forward to a career of good profits for this wisely established and well-doing concern.



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