History of Tolvadden Mine

The Mines of Cornwall and Devon, Statistics and Observations Thomas Spargo 1865

in the parishes of Marazion and St. Hilary, Cornwall, in 6,000 shares. Purser and Manager, Mr. Absalom Bennett, Marazion. Rock clay-slate, influenced by carns of Helvan. Number of persons employed, 75 — viz., 40 men, 20 females, and 15 boys. Landowners, Messrs. St. Aubyn, Bolitho, Patten, Bennett, and Laity. Dues, l-18th, except in Bolitho's part, where the dues are l-15th. Depth of mine to adit, 27 fathoms; under adit, 103 fathoms. Workings commenced in 1857. There has been a profit on the working, but the dividend has been in abeyance since.

Minerals Sold in 1864

Tonscwt.qrs.lbs. £s.d.
Copper ore777730 ...for ...£360121

At one time the prospects in the mine were such as to encourage expectations of large dividends, which have remained unful filled. We are glad to hear, however, that the lode is renewing its productive character, in the bottom levels, and that a new range of the ground is likely to be opened by deeper sinkings, which, it is probable, will contribute to the success of the proprietory, who deserve well of the mining world, not only tor their geological judgment in the selection of the ground, but also for the perseverance manifested in pursuing the ore deposits, which, as is the case in all mines, have occasionally shown phases of a discouraging nature ; but these, we hope, are only temporary obstacles such as are incident to all mundane affairs, and which, when surmounted, open up a field of permanent prosperity.



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