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Trencrom, also known as Trecrobben, has wonderful views over the whole area.

An Iron Age hill fort which was previously a single walled Neolithic enclosure. Cairns or hut circles can be seen in the level area enclosed by the stone and earth banks.

There is a well at the location which could have been constructed for the former inhabitants.

"On the largest of these carns are some rock-basins, known respectively as the Giant's Chair, the Giant's Cradle, and the Giant's Spoon.

Outside the vallum at Trecrobben, or, as it is called by the rustics, Trancrom, is the Giant's Well; and on the fourth side of the hill is a large block of granite, known as the Twelve o'Clock Stone, - a sort of natural sun-dial, on which the rays of the sun fall in such a manner, that the miners of the neighbourhood can tell the hour of noon by the direction of the shadows."

From 'Rambles In Western Cornwall By The Footsteps Of The Giants: With Notes On The Celtic Remains Of The Land's End District And The Islands Of Scilly'
James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps

Trencrom overlooks the Hayle river and its estuary, and to the south is Mount's Bay and St. Michael’s Mount.

The hill which you can see to the north-west of Trencrom is Trink.



In several parts of Cornwall there are evidences that these Titans were a sportive race. Huge rocks are preserved to shew where they played at trap-ball, at hurling, and other athletic games. The giants of Trecrobben and St Michael’s Mount often met for a game at bob-buttons. The Mount was the “ bob,” on which flat masses of granite were placed to serve as buttons, and Trecrobben hill was the “mit,” or the spot from which the throw was made. This order was sometimes reversed. On the outside of St Michael’s Mount, many a granite slab which had been knocked off the “ bob ” is yet to be found; and numerous piles of rough cubical masses of the same rock, said to be the granite of Trecrobben Hill,* shew how eagerly the game was played.

Trecrobben Hill was well chosen by the giants as the site of their castle. From it they surveyed the country on every side; and friend or enemy was seen at a considerable distance, as he approached the guarded spot. It is as clear as tradition can make it, that Trecrobben was the centre of a region full of giants.

* Mr O. Halliwell, who carefully followed in the “ Footsteps of the Giants,” referring to this game as played by them, says : “ Doubt-lessly the Giant’s Chair on Trink Hill was frequently used during the progress of the game, nor is it improbable that the Giant's Well was also in requisition. Here, then, were at hand opportunities for rest and refreshment—the circumstances of the various traditions agreeing well with, and in fact, demonstrating the truth of each other."


IT is not many years since a man, who thought he was fully informed as to the spot in which a crock of the giant's gold was buried, proceeded on one fine moonlight night to this enchanted hill, and with spade and pick commenced his search. He proceeded for some time without interruption, and it became evident to him that the treasure was not far off. The sky was rapidly covered with the darkest clouds, shutting out the brilliant light o the moon--which had previously gemmed each cairn--and leaving the gold-seeker in total and unearthly darkness. The wind rose, and roared terrifically amidst the rocks; but this was soon drowned amidst the fearful crashes of thunder, which followed in quick succession the flashes of lightning. By its light the man perceived that the spriggans were coming out in swarms from all the rocks. They were in countless numbers; and although they were small at first, they rapidly increased in size, until eventually they assumed an almost giant form, looking all the while, as he afterwards said, "as ugly as if they would eat him." How this poor man escaped is unknown, but he is said to have been so frightened that he took to his bed, and was not able to work for a long time.

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