Kors berr yn Synt Colom / Short course in St Columb

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Wosa sewen an dyskans blasa yn S. Colom y’n hav, y fydh kors berr ena rag dalethoryon ow talleth yn mis Du

An kors a vydh pub dy’ Merher dhe 7 eur orth Tavern Kochys, ow talleth 2a mis Du ha pesya dres hwegh seythen. An klassow a vydh heb kost ha’n dyskador a vydh Pol Hodge, dhyworth MAGA.

An kors a vydh kowethasek, sempel hag anformel – ow trehevel war an gorhemynadow ha lavarow keskows dyskys seulabrys yn dyskans blasa. Erbynn diweth an kors y fydh an studhyoryon lowen gans gorhemynadow, geryow ha lavarow divers. An re a vynn studhya an yeth pella wosa an kors dhe worfenna, a yll pesya orth klass yn ranndir na.

Mars yw an kors ma dhe-les dhywgh, kestevewgh orth Colin Roberts orth colin.roberts59@btinternet.com.

Following the successful taster session in St Columb Major in the summer, there will be a short course for beginners starting in November.

The course will take place on Wednesdays at 7pm in the Coaching Inn, starting on 2nd November and running for six weeks. The classes will be free of charge and the teacher will be Pol Hodge from MAGA.

The course will be friendly, basic and informal - building on the simple greet- ings and conversational phrases we touched on in the taster session. By the end of the course you will be competent and confident with a range of greet- ings, words and phrases. Those who wish to go on further than this will then be assisted into more formal classes in the local area.

If you would like to attend the course, contact Colin Roberts at colin.roberts59@btinternet.com.


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