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Mis leun a hwarfosow Kernewek o mis Gwynngala, yn unn dhalleth gans an Orsedh ha’n Esedhvos hag ynno gwari bryntyn An Balores, Myttin Lowender dydh Sul ha kerdh a-dro dhe Hellys, keffrys ha’n solempnita y honan – nebes glyb hevleni!

Yth esa 69 treylyans ha 21 govynnadow y’n mis ma hag ynwedh ober rag an keskussulyans, Lowender Peran hag oll an ragdresow ha hwarvosow y hyllowgh redya a-dro dhedha y’n lyther nowodhow an mis ma. An Keskowethyans a vetyas yn mis Gwynngala ha kewsel, yn mysk taklow erel, a-dro dhe’n Gesva Dhyghtya nowyth ha’n towlen ober dhe dhiwedh an vledhen arhansek. Ev a dhalathas ynwedh kewsel a-dro dhe dhashwithrans 2013 an FSS, may hyllyn ri meur a dermyn dhe surhe y fydh chons rag pubonen kemeres rann ynno. An kuntelles nessa a vydh synsys 2a mis Kevardhu.

September was a month full of activity on the Cornish scene, starting with the Gorsedh and Esedhvos, which featured a memorable performance of the Palores play, a Myttin Lowender on the Sunday and a walk in Cornish around Helston as well as the ceremony itself – a little wet this year!

The month saw a total of 69 translations and 21 enquiries processed amid work towards the conference, Lowender Peran and the various activities about which you can read in this month’s newsletter. The Partnership met in September and discussed, among other items, the new Management Board and the work programme for the rest of this financial year. It also began discussion on the 2013 review of the SWF, in order to give plenty of time to ensure there is opportunity for everyone to take part. The next meeting will be held on 2nd December.


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