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The Cheesewring, in Cornish Keuswask, is a granite tor located on the eastern side of Bodmin Moor, near the small village of Minions.

This great pile of granite boulders, 32 feet high, is an amazing geological feature and well worth the short walk across Minions Moor.

The seven huge pieces of granite which form the Cheesewring are balanced one upon the other with the smaller blocks at the bottom supporting the much larger stones. The whole is situated on the side of Stowe's Hill. Its origin is completely natural and due to weathering.

During the late 19th century there was concern that the Cheesewring would be lost due to its proximity to the Cheesewring Quarry and its blasting but a campaign to save it was successful.

Its name is due to its resemblance to an old type of cheese press which was known as a "cheesewring".


Legend tells that the Cheesewring was created by a competition between the giant, Uther and Saint Tue.

When Christianity first came to Cornwall, the giants who inhabited the high, rocky places became angry when the saints began to invade their land and Christianise their wells and springs.

Uther was given the task of removing the saints. He confronted Saint Tue, who suggested they have a rock throwing contest to resolve the dispute. They agreed that if Uther won the saints would leave Cornwall but if Saint Tue won the giants would convert to Christianity.

Uther was first to throw and his rock landed on Stowe's Hill. Saint Tue prayed and picked up a larger rock which he threw with ease. It landed on top of Uther's rock.

Taking turns, they threw their rocks, stacking the stones in perfect piles. After twelve stones each, Uther threw a thirteenth stone but it missed its target and rolled down the hill, landing near the feet of Saint Tue. He picked up the stone and an angel appeared and carried the stone, placing it on top of the pile of rocks.

Uther accepted defeat and agreed that he and his fellow giants would follow Christianity.

There is another legend associated with the Cheesewring that says if the stones hear a cockerel crow then the top stone will turn three times.

Notable Local Residents

Daniel Gumb (d. 1776), a stonemason, lived in a cave near the Cheesewring with his family. Several gravestones in Linkinhorne churchyard were carved by him.

Rock Climbing at the Cheesewring Quarry

There are nearly 170 climbs on this old granite quarry including Eyefull Tower, Psychokiller, Agent Provocateur, Simanon Direct, Khyber Pass, Khyber Wall and Wrings of Change.

Seasonal restrictions may apply in certain areas of the quarry. Check website.

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The Cheesewring is located in the parish of Linkinhorne.
It is a walk of a mile or so from Minions.

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