Chun Quoit and Hill Fort

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Chun Quoit

Chun Quoit

Chun gives its name to Chun quoit, a Penwith Chamber Tomb (dolmen) and the 'castle' known as Chun Castle, an Iron Age hill fort.

Chun Quoit dates from the neolithic period, over 5000 years ago and would have been built some time between 4000 BC and 2000 BC.

Four huge stones support a capstone to give a fully enclosed structure. Some evidence of its surrounding circular mound are still visible. This would have covered the whole structure with stones extending to a diameter of over 42 feet (13 metres).

Chun Castle stands closeby to Chun Quoit and dates from the Iron Age, over 2000 years ago, and was probably built between 500 BC and AD 1.

Two concentric walls can be seen with a staggered entrance marked by granite posts. The hill fort has a diameter of over 270 ft (approx. 85m). Inside the castle is a well and the remains of some later buildings which date from the Dark Ages. During archaeological investigations, Iron Age pottery sherds have been found here and tin slag weighing over 11 pounds (in excess of 5 kilos).

There are excellent walks across the West Penwith moorland from which other archaeological sites can also be viewed.

Park near Trehellys Farm. Please park considerately and do not block gates, driveways or farm machinery.

A sign indicates a public footpath to Chun Castle. Follow the path uphill. After reaching the top of the ridge the path becomes level. Continue along the path until it forks. The right fork goes to Chun Castle and the left fork to Chun Quoit

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Located in West Cornwall on the moors of West Penwith.
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Chun Quoit
Chun Quoit

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Entrance to Chun Castle


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